Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New principal at Perry

Anonymous wrote:


Another appointment is the new principal of Perry - James Cooper-an office principal - all about the show & meetings with community- -any substance to him? "

Wilkinsburg students eligible for Pittsburgh Promise (!)

Anonymous wrote:

"Update on Wilkinsburgh/Westinghouse Partnership:

In the spirit of No Child Left Behind, the Pittsburgh Promise board voted unanimously to make Wilkinsburgh students attending the Westinghouse eligible for its scholarship.

Coro Next Neighborhood Leaders of Wilkinsburgh was working behind the scenes to make this happen.

Kudos to the Leadership in Wilkinsburgh working hard for these kids. "

Saturday, December 10, 2016

"Every Student Succeeds Act" ("ESSA")

Anonymous wrote:

"Re:Today's PG editorial

" The ESSA replaces the No Child Left Behind Act, the deficiencies of which included the unrealistic _ and unmet _ goal of 100 percent proficiency in reading and math by 2014."

The standard we hold for our children should always be 100 percent " proficiency ".
The culture we set for our children should always be one of high expectations.
To lower our aspirations for our children fails them on every level.

If we fail to meet the highest of standards, expectations, aspirations_____ then we try harder."

Why was the superintendent elected secretary of the school board?

Anonymous wrote:

"Perhaps someone on this blog can answer my question. The Pittsburgh school Board recently had an election for officers. Regina Holley was elected President and Sylvia Wilson took Vice President. My question is why was Anthony Hamlet elected Secretary when he is not an elected member of the school board? How can Hamlet perform his duties as Secretary when the discussion turns to questions of his job performance. I believe this is a conflict of interest and a mishandling of the roles on the elected school board. Surely an elected school board member could have been chosen for this sensitive position. "