Wednesday, July 26, 2017

HR reports missing from Board meeting

Anonymous wrote:

"NEW PLEASE: Human Resources? Anyone know why last night's board meeting didnt include HR reports? Traditionally this has been a big HR board meeting "

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Suspension policy for elementary students

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"New Post
Watched the June legislative meeting to hear about the suspension policy for elementary education and the plans for the future. Somebody please tell me I misunderstand, have kids been suspended for not being in uniform? That just can't be!! Unfair on so many fronts not the least of which is that not all buildings are uniform-wearing schools. Any numbers are not legitimate and should never be the basis for any comparisons. "

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Anonymous wrote:

"New Post: How can the Union allow the district to give out bonuses up to $6,000 to teachers for scores that can't go anywhere but up, yet ironically, some of these teachers receive bonuses and their scores went down. The district pays 30% of the tab, which equates to nearly $300,000. If you taught in one of these elementary schools, you would know why scores go up from 4th to 5th and from 5th to 6th. Because that the teachers' skill levels are so low from K-4 in ELA and Math, any teacher in middle school teaching fifth or sixth grade has to improve scores. In my case, I previously taught in high school. So, when I went to middle school, my scores doubled and tripled. I also had six students who were advanced out of 18, and four of them never saw advanced before in their lives. In fact, if it weren't for me, the school would have been about 10% in ELA in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, or even worse, 1% like they were in Math. Where's my money? Where's my bonus? Guess what, don't answer. I don't want the money. The day I take $6,000 for scores that are only 60% to 70% proficient/advanced in my class is the day I say Esposito deserves a bonus."

Thursday, July 6, 2017

District communications

Anonymous wrote:

"New Post: Hamlet's congratulatory letter to distinguished teachers contains one of the most egregious errors in English: the dangling participle. The first sentence in paragraph two is the culprit. However, despite a district laden with distinguished teachers, the odds are 99-1 that anyone will find it. I'm the one, so don't bother looking. The scarier issue is that Hamlet has to have editors. Do I need to say anything else? I will anyway. This sums up the district:lazy, incompetent, and insincere. "

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Scripted lessons

Anonymous wrote:

"start nww post please--
Scripting, Innovation- where we are now
We've alluded to the end-of-the year scripting of professional administrators- with watchdogs (because they cant trust principals to convey their message- even with glossy flyers). This appears to be a direct outcome of the scripting that started in elemntary schools, where again seasoned professionals couldnt be trusted to teach the prescribed curriculum. Not all high school professionals where aware of concepts such as "text talk" where elementary cohlleagues- many reading specialists were told when reading a book-- exactly what questions to ask.
"They say they have dialed back on the scripting-- but this final indoctrination says not
Please notice we've lost alot through this totalitarian teaching- and gained little. Schools were not thrilled to send intern teachers to PPS-- a source of innovation in the past. We lost U Prep support as it had to be done the central officee way. And allthough we all know that charter schools do divert funds-looking back- we were to gain results of innovation from them, but this never occured because innovation, ideas, are frowned upon.
Many teachers are concerned that with the scripting of admin- nothing has changed. This is attitude from the top-- to those readers of the blog that arent familiar with what has gone before-- Your teachers no longer meet to solve problems-- they are indoctrinated. "