Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lack of consistent policy on lockdowns and evacuations

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new again topic-- unequal treatment
Threat at Sheridan school called a "hoax"
So we evacuate three schools a week ago but for this school we do a LOCKDOWN???
Sorry but even the scenic suburbs evacuate for bomb threats-- even hoaxes-- how does a LOCKDOWN help in a bomb threat???"

Monday, September 29, 2014

Response to U Prep administration thread

On the U Prep administration thread that is closed due to length, Anonymous wrote:

"Anonymous said...
I would like to know if anyone connected to this site has heard anything from any community groups or the Administration or even ONE board member???? What does that tell you????"

Mayor's task force on school system

From the PG:


Saturday, September 27, 2014

"What can actually be done?"

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"3:03 & 11:42
Very true. So how do we get them out.? As taxpayers, city residents, teachers, parents, etc., how do we get them out and replaced? What is the procedure or precedent to replace a superintendent? Can they be sued? Honestly it is almost fraudulent what they are doing. How can the board approve her performance rating when her goals are student achievement and AA gap?

What steps can we actually take to replace Lane? Demand for her resignation? How can we make the information about excessive and redundant CO jobs and the exorbitant salaries for unqualified people public knowledge? There has to be some accountability. The PFT could be putting the info out there, especially knowing PPS will claim to be broke in he upcoming contract negotiations.

What can actually be done? I'm talking immediate next steps. We have talked this to death. Lane and company are going to continue to fatten their own bank accounts at the expense of our children as long as we let them. They will continue to get rid of any teachers willing to speak up and fight until all of your children are taught by temps with no school or neighborhood investment. Does anyone know what we can really do? I am a teacher who willing to take on the risk to save our district and I'm sure there are others as well as parents and city residents.

The union as failed us, they won't speak out against Lane or the Board. Too many community groups and foundations are in cahoots ($$) or afraid to speak out against PPS and the local media is their personal PR. There is no help there.

But teachers, parents, students, alumni, city residents are a powerful group if we organize and actually do something. I just truly don't know what the next step is. I just know PPS has to be taken back from these unqualified outsiders and returned to Pittsburghers.

We are a highly educated and passionate group of people with a wealth of experience. We love our children and have their interest at heart. We should be running our district. If there is anyone who has an idea about what to do and feels the same way, I am ready.
Questioner, do you have any ideas? "

Friday, September 19, 2014

Shots fired at U Prep student

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"* new post**

Maybe this should be new post. Things are looking worse for u prep. Apparently shots were fired at a student on way to school today


Very alarming news"

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Teacher seniority and the African American community

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new topic please-- Seniority and the AA community

Please do not be fooled by the Gates funded A+ schools. Since 2006 this administration has done nothing to help the schools-- but it has especially hurt our African American community.
In destroying seniority you will leave administrators and principals (PELA principals!!!!) choosing the cheapest, least educated teachers they can get. These teachers will have no commitment (past the two years as in TFA to move to a better job) Read through this blog and realize that the like of D. Hardy and the PELAs will be choosing your teachers. Half the reason that there is no other is that the highest seniority teachers got chucked out. The other half of the mess is that the principals are t old to dump back on the new rookie teachers- so indeed, new science teachers quit.
Show me what A+ has done for the AA community. Most members of that community are the first to say-- things were better before Roosevelt-- not perfect-- but better than today."

Evacuation of three schools

On another post, Anonymous wrote about evacuations reported for schools in Brookline:

"ew post?

I am aware that the district is dealing with a serious situation with three schools evacuated today, but at some point can we hold a debriefing here on the blog? no criticisms, just observations and suggestions for what might be improved in the next occurrence. there are likely logical explanations for every step taken today but from an outsider's position we won't know unless we discuss it. it is true that the district could hold a press conference or parent gathering to answer questions but frankly, this blog is more real-time and therefore more accurate."

Saturday, September 13, 2014

PPS presentation on some AP and IB results

 Presentation to the Board:


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Class sizes

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"Hey! I don't want to post on this topic. Can we have a new topic of Class sizes? There are huge discrepancies at Whittier Elementary. 68 students in two classes of kindergarten. Yet in third grade there are two classrooms with a total of 22 in the grade level and in fifth grade there are two classrooms with 26 total in the grade level. These teachers refuse to combine and change grade levels and the principal is not doing anything about it. So you have two wonderful kindergarten teacher working them selves crazy and they are not receiving any help or support."

Sunday, September 7, 2014

U Prep administration

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"New Post

Are the Administrators at U PREP good for the school or not? Why or why not?"

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Assistant superintendent

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"* new post please*

Does anyone know anything about Dr. Allison Huguley? She has been around my building stopping in classrooms and introduced as Assistant Superintendent. I looked back at the info that was posted and released in PG about staffing changes and saw her name for a position of chief academic officer or something like that. No where was any info naming her as Assistant Superintendent. I thought Micheaux was Deputy Super? How is Assistant Super different and not redundant??!! I checked in my staff handbook and Dr. Huguley is listed as Assistant Super. So does anyone know when this came about or any info about this person? All I can find is that she is a recent grad and doesn't appear to be from Broad's academy, which is shocking. Anyone know anything?"