Saturday, August 16, 2008

Extra elementary school reading at the expense of other subjects

Anonymous wrote in another post "Starting this year all elementary schools are required to have a minimun of three periods of reading (up from 2 periods last year). This is at the expense of science music, gym, social studies and art. Although some students need this extra time spent on reading, many are being denied the benefits of a basic liberal arts education. A better approach would be to provide tutoring for the students that need extra instruction."

Are there other parents with thoughts on this issue?


Anonymous said...

This seems to be a side effect of No Child Left Behind legislation. We need bold, innovative thinking on how to adress the requiremtnes of NCLB while maintaining the well rounded education necessary for a world-class education for all students. How about keeping all public schools open until 8PM to allow extra time for tutoring of at risk students, utilizing seniors to staff the buildings, thus helping at risk students get a leg up on the basics while providing seniors with a worthwhile community service opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Having 3 periods in a row of the same academic subject can be torturous for even the best of students. Why do the kids who understand the work need more time with it? My understanding is that the teachers are not allowed to go forward to the next concept since they have more time.
Why is the idea of helping those who need the help while advancing with those who 'get it', so difficult to understand?

Anonymous said...

I heard that for at least one of the K-5's, they are supposed to be introducing advanced work for those at are already up to speed. That doesn't help much w/ the 3 periods in a row issue, but at least it may be possible for those advanced students not to stagnate.

Questioner said...

Would parents with more information about reading replacing other subjects please email to PURE Reform: