Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Executive directors

On another post Anonymous wrote,

"Parents hear that the executive directors are spending 60% of their time in school buildings, true? Is that classroom time, time meeting with the principal and senior staff or time in a conference room clearing messages and emails? What they should be doing is acting as a substitute teacher, even if only for a few periods. Or they should be the staff member sitting in the hallway handing out detention slips to late arriving students. Or they could slip into coveralls and cruise the halls to see what is happening in our high schools, undercover, or coveralls, I guess. "

- Who are these "Executive Directors"? How many are there? Are there directors for high schools, directors for middle schools and directors for elementary schools? Who do they report to?


Mark Rauterkus said...

I know one executive director, for elmen schools, Dr. Barbara Rudiak. She had been the principal at our kid's school, Phillips K-5, Pgh South Side. She runs a tight ship. Knows the kids well. Works hard. I consider her a principal of principals. She was present at the board meeting Monday too.

I have no problem with these folks from what I know.

And, she is an educator, for sure.

fixit said...

Almost all of the executive directors attended an Excellence for All Parent Steering Comittee meeting held at Brookline K-8 in November. Usually one meeting per year is devoted to Meet the Executive Directors. For more info you can review the summary of the meeting from the Announcements page of the PURE mainpage. One minor correction, Dr Otuwa did not attend that meeting. OMG!!! I feel like a PURE boardmember now or something. Or maybe just a PURE disciple.

Anonymous said...

My experience with this same executive director was not so positive. All I was shown was the shutting down of parental concerns and flat out fabrications.

Anonymous said...

There is an executive director for the elementary schools; another for the middle schools; one for high schools; and I believe another for either special schools or the ALAs. I have not seen my school's executive director in my building at all this school year. Maybe they could make an appearance at one of the monthly faculty meetings and introduce themselves to the teachers. What exactly is their role at PPS?

fixit said...

Isn't this interesting. It was always said "to know every child by name" was a goal when the vibe within a building was discussed. I used to say the burden should be on parents to at least be able to recognize each of their kid's teachers on sight. Or at least name them.