Tuesday, July 14, 2009

School board applicants not identified

From today's PG:


The article notes that three candidates have voluntarily identified themselves, but that the mayor's office is not identifying the remaining candidates because they were not told in advance that their names would be made public.

A spokesperson for the mayor indicated that candidates would be contacted and the office would consider releasing names after the appointment is made.

The article also refers to "demands of some PURE members that the new District 2 representative be more critical of the administration than Ms. Arnet had been." It is important to emphasize that to "be more critical" refers to the need when appropriate to critique or question more closely the administration's proposals, practices and announcements.


Anonymous said...

The mayor's office could have assumed that the newspapers would ask who had applied, and the request for resumes could easily have stated that names would be released.

Anonymous said...

Also, wouldn't one assume that if you were applying for a public position, your name would be a matter of public record? What's the big secret?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I would have wamted everyone to know I had tossed my hat.

Anonymous said...

Check the PG.com for a full list of all 7. I would think info will be in the PG tomorrow. Very talented group in the list. It provides hope.

Questioner said...

Here is the link to the list. There are now 8 applicants.


Questioner said...

A PG editorial states that "a right-to-know issue has never been more clear than the right of Pittsburgh residents to know who might be their next school board member."

To the argument that applicants had not been told in advance that their names would be made public, it asserts that while this approach might be appropriate where an individual applying for a new job might jeopardize current employment, it is "not applicable when someone is asking to serve as the people's representative on what is normally an elective body."

The editorial notes that the applicants' names have now been released and calls on the mayor's office to also release resumes and hold public interviews for the position.



Questioner said...

Updated article describing the applicants.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the names of the applicants were published but there is no mention of the fact that 2 of the applicants from Highland Park have never had children in the PPS. Both of them have sent all of their children through the Sacred Heart-Central Catholic route. In fact, the mayor didn't go to public school either!
One of the applicants was on the high school reform team, so we can most likely expect an alliance with the MR administration. She is also the mother of a toddler, and will also be in the same position as Heather Arnet as a working mother who will have to leave her child to come to the numerous meetings (too many) that the school board has.
There is no mention as to where Shannon Barkley lives, and is Downtown, where Matt Harm lives, in District 2?
Lastly, there is still no mention of a very real reason that Heather Arnet is no longer on the board- she will be moving out of the city and the PPS district. Her house has been sold and she is in the moving process.

Mark Rauterkus said...

It is bad when Board members 'bail.' And, H.A. is not the first. Dan R did too, (thankfully).

Interesting to note that some of the 8 are NOT even in the district. Could this be true?

And, Dick S. - OMG. That pick would be a hard one to cope with, short and long term.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it. The mayor and Roosevelt will consult (despite saying otherwise)and will chose the person most likely to be an ally of Roosevelt's. I bet that the chances of one of the PURE Reform members getting it are slim to none. Roosevelt doesn't want anyone questioning his questionable decisions. That would be like letting a fox into the hen house.

Re: Heather Arnet
Why is she leaving the city? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, anon is likely on target. I think most of the candidates are qualified to run, Ms.Fine especially. I think if anyone is lacking, it is Mr.Skrinjar and yet, given his connection to the O'Connor Administration and knowing how both the Roosevelt and Ravenstahl administration work, his appointment would not surprise me.With them, it's never what you know but where your allegiances lie. Please don't misunderstand me. I think that Dick is a good man, just not the right person for this position.