Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CTE Academy

There's going to be a Career and Technical Academy in Pittsburgh! According to materials from the Education Committee presentation (slide 39), in addition to the information technology, cosmetology, culinary arts and health careers programs offered elsewhere, it will also offer building trades such as carpentry, electricity and energy.

But it won't be called a CTE academy- it will be the "Gateway Center" at Oliver. And unless plans change, only students in the Oliver feeder can attend (in fact, students in the Oliver feeder not accepted into a magnet must attend and choose a career concentration).


Anonymous said...

Expanding the "building trades" category from HVAC and welding to include carpentry, electricity, and energy is a step in the right direction. Could this have been an instance where the board flexed its collective muscle or did the admin realize the wisdom of adding the additional trades?

Mark Rauterkus said...

More gets done when there isn't a worry about who gets credit.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, there was broader and deeper agreement on this issue ("building trades")___ a rarity on this Board whose majority appears to want acceptance and connection with the national publicity agenda connected with BROAD and GATES. This was an exception to what is most frequently an adult advancement agenda as opposed to a student achievement agenda. Now, if only the Board can uphold future agendas on 'what's best for kids', educationally!