Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Greatschools ranking

A PPS mailer sent out this week includes among the "good news to share" that "our District was ranked 7th in the nation among public school systems in large US cities in the Great Schools Best cities to live and learn 2010 report."

But, the PG reported that it was schools in the Pittsburgh AREA (ie, 160 schools including 66 Pittsburgh public schools), not our District, that ranked 7th:



Questioner said...

It is not clear which suburbs were included in the Pittsburgh area ranking, but the article did include this information:

"Pittsburgh's education quality score was 56.56, Allison Park's 94.07, and Bethel Park's, 89.16."

Anonymous said...

I guess the admin counts on the post cards being read and nothing more, no newspapers, no blogs, etc. The words "deceptive advertising" come to mind.

Anonymous said...

Talk about deceptive advertising, if you drive by Winchester Thurston school, there is a large banner stating that their campus is in an AWARD WINNING city. The word city is in a smaller font, and the message could be mistaken as applying to the school. But they do not have any reputation issues, other than competing with other private schools for students.

Questioner said...

A lot of people just have time for the headlines and a quick glance, so if they see "Pittsburgh, suburban schools ranked high in quality study" they will just conclude that the district is doing great. The postcard reinforces that conclusion.

Anonymous said...


Great PR Move

Roosevelt is a Snake Oil Salesman

Anonymous said...

This piece explains that the rankings are based in part on housing prices and unemployment rates!