Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Resignation of John Tarka Pgh Fed Teachers Pres

On another post Old Timer wrote:

"John was/is a good man. I am sure that many people in the upper echelons of the union and PPS fit the same character description.
But to me at least, power corrupts and skewers the way one thinks. It becomes less and less about constituency--about the kids, or about the rank and file---and more and more about one's affiliations and personal goals.
John was at no time a scapegoat. I will never know what caused him to forget his rank and file teachers during his time at the top. I am sure that there are things we will never know that for whatever reason, he will not divulge.
I do not believe it was payola, but I do believe in political deal-making. That John and his lieutenants got into bed with this lot is beyond disappointing.
And with this in mind, a complete cleaning of house is in order.
John's staff needs to resign immediately, or at the very least, a special election needs to be held.

Please know this: when Gates brought his $40 million to town, the understanding was that the union had to be in check, on board, etc. This was a guarantee that had to be made.
Now that Gates has provided teachers with misery and made both the public at large and parents look at the district as being "a top district on the national scale", as after all, Bill Gates brought the armored car here---perhaps we can all agree that Gates has provided PPS with a wonderful trainwreck. It's a complete failure/ It's a way to intimidate and remove teachers. It has NOTHING to do with the kids.

Nina....resign immediately.

Questioner--this should be a separate thread."


Anonymous said...

John Tarka did indeed loose sight of the people that he represented.
I am glad he has left, but the harm has been done. I do not know how Nina and the otheres can defend the last contract.

Anonymous said...

What contract? They are still writing it!

Anonymous said...

How is Nina automatically the next Union President without the Union voting on it? Is she the temp replacement until there is a vote?

I'm hearing she is more of the same.

Anonymous said...

She IS more of the same. She is part of the same crew that seeks to either ignore or cover up dissent. She and everyone surrounding her are what one would call 'political hacks'.

Questioner said...

PG article on this topic:


Anonymous said...

Tarka was a parasite, he sold out the rank and file. He has no soul

Old Timer said...

And he was surrounded by like thinking parasites. If you've ever been to a RISE meeting, where the woman from the PFT talks about what a great program it is, you'd want to puke.
She is a union rep????
RISE is a multi-pronged way to say, "As principal, I can get you any number of ways."
That John, Nina and the woman from the PFT with the overblown sense of ego trumpet it should tell teachers all they need to know about allegiances.

Nina must go. All of John's old guard must go.

Veteran Teacher said...

To Old Timer and all,

For the past couple of years, I couldn't decide if Tarka and his PFT staff were clueless, bought off, or simply incompetent.

Now I know. The letter the membership just received about Tarka's resignation BRAGGED about Nina's leading role in implementing the RISE program.

As you and every teacher know, the RISE program is very subjective, very dependent on the whims of the rating administrator.

Careers are being ruined by poor ratings on vague topics such as "class works cooperatively."

If a teacher writes too many referrals, expect a poor rating.

If a teacher deviates from the canned curriculum to, say, add another review day for a test, expect a poor rating.

If a teacher dares to disagree (not disobey, just disagree) with an administrator, expect a poor rating.

The huge majority of teachers see RISE for what it is: a way for administrators to get around state School Code and local contract protections.

Yet Nina BRAGS about her involvement in this!

My conclusion: the PFT staff is simply and utterly clueless.

They are like small children piloting a great ocean liner.

Anonymous said...

I see it as the TITANIC Sinking

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, Tarka is just another blowhard, as was Al Fondy. Fondy's best days were the early days of the union---the late 70's, the 80's. After that, he lived on reputation and grabbed a few dollars more for old vets at each turn while basically screwing everyone else. God rest his soul, but let's quit looking to canonize earlier leaders of the PFT. They've always done the most for those who immediately surround them.
I hope Mark will be a breath of fresh air.
Anyone who would vote for more of the same under Nina is an idiot.