Sunday, January 13, 2013

Proposal for Warhol charter or private school

From the PG:


Questioner said...

Trib article on this topic:

The Trib article mistakenly states that only 2 of 476 plaster samples in the Schenley building had LOW levels of asbestos, when actually only 2 samples exceeded the 1% threshold for hazardous asbestos.

The article points out the recent estimate for removing all known asbestos ($1M, mostly in things like pipe insulation where other PPS have asbestos as well and usually not hazardous because it is not accessible or likely to become loose).

Contractors who gave the previous high estimates had to assume hazardous asbestos levels, since the correct tests had not been done, and tearing down walls to move them around.

Anonymous said...

Is the Warhol group in league with the Brentley group?

Questioner said...

Mr. Brentley states that he has not been contacted by the Warhol group.

Anonymous said...

From today's post-gazette's letters to the editor: