Friday, April 5, 2013

Administrative bloat

On another post Anonymous wrote:

Op-Ed piece from yesterday's PG touching on an example of the administrative bloat in education.

“Today the school systems in 20 states employ more non-teachers than teachers. The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice reports that between 1950 and 2009, while the number of K-12 students increased 96 percent, full-time equivalent school employees increased 386 percent. The number of teachers increased 252 percent, but the number of bureaucrats -- including consciousness-raising sensitivity enforcers and other non-teachers -- increased 702 percent.

The report says states could have saved more than $24 billion annually if non-teaching staff had grown only as fast as student enrollment. And Americans wonder why their generous K-12 financing (higher per pupil than all but three of the 34 nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) has done so little to improve reading, math and science scores.”

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Anonymous said...

From the article:

"Perhaps tens of millions could be diverted from progressive gestures to academic purposes by abolishing on every American campus every administrative position whose title contains the words "diversity," "equity," "race," "ethnicity," "sustainability," "green," "gender," "inclusion," "identity," "interconnectivity," "globalization," "climate," "campus climate," "cross-cultural" or "multiculturalism."


Anonymous said...

Putting the attack on diversity awareness training aside, this article hits the nail on the head about administrative bloat. We see it in PPS, how many middle and upper level managers have come into the district in the last 7 years? We lay off teachers and have classes with 40 students in them because we don't have the money, but we can pay a lot of adults a lot of money who don't teach kids.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, did we really need a 'bloated' article to tell us what we already know?
Upwards of 700 administrators in PPS who do not work in the schools. 700. NONE were furloughed during the last budget crisis. NONE will be touched in 2015.
Instead, the sham called RISE---the district's method of dumping veteran salaries---will see to it that these parasites can continue to drink from the public well.

But I'll tell you what, let's hear what a great job our school board is doing in policing such issues.

Where's Mark Brentley? Does he have any allies at all?

This is your tax dollar at work Pittsburgh. You just keep sitting there on your hands, waiting for some act of God to change it all. And you wonder why our scores are always dropping.