Monday, June 3, 2013

Transfer to take AP classes

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Does the story of the Allderdice student deserve some discussion? Lots to be impressed about here.


Anonymous said...

Right off the bat, I can't help but be disappointed by the continued administrative bloat at PPS.

We have a director of academic initiatives? Really? What is the deputy superintendent for? How about all of those assistant superintendents?

What a waste of my hard earned tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Too bad he didn't transfer before his senior year. Think about the time and education he lost out on.

Anonymous said...

Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. PPS is like the Pa House and Senate - too many people getting big paychecks.

Anonymous said...

Junior and senior enrollment at sci tech is really low. PPS reports only 59 graduating seniors. Shouldn't there be room for talented U Prep students to take upper level science classes at sci tech?

Anonymous said...

Why does Sci-Tech have only 59 graduating seniors? How many students are in their senior class?

Anonymous said...

Let's see. We have a school called "University Prep" that does not offer an actual advanced Chemistry course.

Then why is this school called University Prep? After all, AP Chemistry is not some obscure course like, say, AP Portugese. AP Chemistry is a standard offering in many good schools.

It seems like nothing in the Pittsburgh Public Schools makes sense anymore.

Anonymous said...

The class is very small because many students dropped out along the way and the school won't accept new students after 10th grade.

Anonymous said...

Remember the u prep swim team that did not swim at u prep and has no students from u prep.

Anonymous said...

"Our first goal for any kid that wants to take an AP course is to provide it to them at their school," said Ms. McCarthy.

"U Prep has dramatically increased their AP offerings in the past five years. They have done an incredible job of developing and nurturing and getting their teachers training," she said.

Allderdice offers 22 AP courses; U Prep has five, counting the online chemistry course.

Reread the paragraphs above and try to wrap your head around the alleged dramatic increase in AP offerings at UPrep. They have 5! Modifying the transfer policy had to be done. Much more cost effective than offering an AP class with a teacher for only one student in a building.

Do central office staffers practice delivering these sound bites?

Bravo, Ms. Martin!

Anonymous said...

Students can cross-register and take classes at CCAC, and yet being allowed to walk one block to Sci-Tech for a course is forbidden! "U" prep only offers FIVE AP classes..."sci Tech" cant take up some slack with science classes. This goes back to when Weil "Tech" had the worse tech in the city. At least when our board members micro-managed, and got into fist fights -- something got done! Isn't any board member at all concerned? Even on the surface,PPS looks as if academics are low on the list.

Anonymous said...

Brashear has ap coursers and my son is in ap classes i am happy with the school and his teachers.No complaints here , Thank you to the teachers and Mr vater ,Mrs washigton and Mrs safrin ,

Mark Rauterkus said...

"It took a lot of people fighting," Ms. Martin said.

Really? People all over PPS are happy to live like that?

Saying "No" is always the first answer from somewhere in the food chain after non answers are hinted at for many times.

Anonymous said...

"U Prep has five (AP courses), counting the online chemistry course."

More PPS smoke and mirrors!

If you wanted to, you could go online and find more than 50 AP courses.

U Prep certainly has internet access. So they should brag that they offer more than 50 AP courses.