Thursday, December 12, 2013

State releases performance profiles

From the PG:

"In Pittsburgh Public Schools, just 36 percent of schools reached or exceeded the 70 mark.


Questioner said...

Would it not have made more sense for the State of the District presentation to come AFTER the release of these results so that they could be addressed, rather than the week before the release of the results?

Questioner said...

It would have been useful for the newspaper to include the link to find the score for specific schools. It is:

So for example for U Prep you would type in "milliones" and that would take you to a tab with "Fast Facts" such as the % male, female, racial composition, etc. Go to the "Academic Performance" tab and it will show the Building Level Academic Score, in this case 49.3.

Questioner said...

Interestingly, the Academic Performance tab also includes SAT scores.

Anonymous said...

Questioner at 8:55,

It certainly would have made more sense for the State of the District presentation to come after the release of the results.

Unless you care more about public relations than student progress.

Then you would make very sure that the State presentation was done BEFORE the release of the state results.

It's much easier to sweep everything under the rug that way.

Questioner said...

Some of the measures are a little strange; for ex "SAT/ACT College Ready Benchmark" is:

"Percent of 12th grade students scoring 1550 or higher on the SAT or 22 or higher on the ACT taken at any time over the course of their educational experience; converted to a performance measure by multiplying the actual percent by a factor of 2.5. The performance measure cannot exceed 100."

Why multiply the actual % by 2.5? The Allderdice % is listed as 100 but may be as low as 40%. The Westinghouse % is 0!

Questioner said...

And the SAT/Act college ready benchmark for University Prep is 2.58; so 1% of students are actually prepared for a university. SAT scores are in the 300's.