Sunday, January 5, 2014

Changing tide?

On another post Anonymous wrote:


"So here's the quintessential urban school district we need to keep our eyes on. DiBlasio, the new mayor of NYC, has control of NYC schools. His educational advisor during his campaign was none other than Diane Ravitch. The chancellor that he is appointing -- described in this article -- seems to be right-headed about the way schools should be run. A changing tide, perhaps?


Anonymous said...

I am nearing retirement, but I want to be around when "the changing tide" hits Pittsburgh. I want to be around when Linda Lane is sent packing, when the philosophies of Lippert, Otuwa and Stein are shown to be the fairy tales that they truly are.
I want to be here when consultants are told, 'No thanks' and when the PELA program is exposed as the sham it really is. You see, there is a reason that schools are out of control and there is a reason that PELA-led schools are the most outrageously undisciplined.
I just want to be able to laugh at the kool aid drinkers.
I just want to thank the Mark Brentleys and Regina Holleys for their patience and resolve.

A generation of Pittsburgh students has been lost thanks to Roosevelt and Lane. The true tragic comedy of it all is that while Pittsburgh Promose dollars have been provided to our kids, they have entered college severely lacking basic skills thanks to the mismanagement of central office.

Anonymous said...

While the new board is busy looking into these things, perhaps they can also look into the current policy of school delays and closings. Canceling a school day at such a late hour in the morning means many teachers in the high schools were already at work, then sent home. Substitutes already signed in get half pay for the day. I have seen subs come in early on bad days just to get to the sign in book. Is it possible that days can be added to the year to make up missed time? Can it be possible to have teacher start times pushed back two housr as well?