Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Proposed change for graduation requirement

On another post Anonymous said:

"New post please:

Take Action! I just sent an email to all board members at asking them to vote NO tonight for the proposed change in the graduation requirement policy.

I'm concerned about the reduction in PE credits. I listened closely to administration's plan and read the comments on this blog--it doesn't make sense.

My biggest concern though is that this policy change was presented on April 2nd, giving less than a month for board members to do their due diligence to make a good decision.

Furthermore, I understand that principals are already scheduling and displacement notices have already been issued. The board didn't vote yet!

The public hasn't had enough time to respond either. Please ask your board members to vote NO."


Anonymous said...

Please explain what the proposed graduation changes are.

Does it only involve PE (and that would be bad enough) or are other subjects involved as well?

Anonymous said...

it was not all that long ago, perhaps 2010, that the district was discontinuing science labs. is it correct that while we reduce PE we will increase labs? I have a kid graduating from college in May who recently vehemently stated that she would have been lost in college without the rigorous science labs she was lucky enough to have had. some schools had already closed their science labs by the time she was a senior. that said, cutting PE should not the current solution to any problem. When our county chief executive and mayor are launching Live Well Allegheny and Live Well Pittsburgh we will look pretty goofy cutting our programs that should be touted as part of those programs.

Anonymous said...

3:54, I was told that PE will be cut and be replaced by biology labs (biology because, evententally, the recent biology scores have been low).

I've heard nothing about bringing back the chemistry and physics labs.

So you see, it's not about what's best for students. As you said, poster at 3:54, ALL of the science labs are important.

I can't imagine sending a science student to college without basic chem and physics lab skills. But that's exactly what the PPS is doing.

However, only the biology labs seem to be coming back, and only because the bio scores are making the district look bad.

If it weren't for the way it affects our students, all this would be comical. The labs are in, then they're out. Then they're back in again.

Anonymous said...

When Biology scores are said to be "low", "low" means the following "proficiency" scores":

Allderdice at 36% "proficient";
Obama at 35% "proficient";
Carrick at 24% "proficient";
Brashear at 17% "proficient";
Milliones at 8% "proficient";
Westinghouse at 8% "proficient"; and
Perry at 6% "proficient" !?!?!?!

(CAPA is 60% and Sci-Tech is 52%)

Why is it choice between PE and Biology?

In years past ALL students were required to have BOTH Biology and PE! What is going on in PPS? This does NOT make sense! Someone must investigate all decisions here.

Questioner said...

It is a choice between PE and biology because only biology has a Keystone test. Another example of test-related distortions, kind of like when disproportionate attention is focused on kids who are very near the proficiency standard. It's all about looking good.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of BS. Listen to the admin at the table at a board meeting and tell me there is not a lot of smoke being blown. I'd love to hear someone say "listen we really screwed these kids about to graduate by giving them those stupid science calendars with the same silly experiments on them month after month while they were in elementary school and now we are paying for it." All we seem to do is put out the fires, so now the fire is bio? Wasn't bio one of the hard to staff classes that prompted the admin to say "Teach for America?" Great now we can hear "we told you so" when bio teachers are needed.

Anonymous said...

Great news! Dr. Lane removed the proposed change to the Graduation Requirements from the agenda. The board will not vote on this change. Dr. Holley said that it was removed because of public concerns. Thank you to anyone who sent emails or called your board members. We have time to save Physical Education for our students.