Friday, May 23, 2014

Problems at a young age

On another post Anonymous said:

"New Topic

4th grader smoking marijuana at Roosevelt school.

My nephew came home today with a note that said a youngster was caught smoking pot in the bathroom. He/she said it came from home. Student was sent to hospital."


Anonymous said...

This has happened at 4 of the 5 elementary or K-8 schools I have worked in. This is the first time I ever saw it end up on the news or saw a letter going home to parents. I guess it's harder to cover things up with Roosevelt parents than the schools where I work. Or maybe that principal is not a PELA? I know a same age student in my school is routinely urine screened by P.O. as a term of his probation for drug offenses.

Wonder how this will affect his teacher's VAM? Next will have to submit plans detailing how we will differentiate our instruction to reach our students who are high on drugs.

Excellence for all!

Anonymous said...

I like your plan on differentiation