Monday, February 9, 2015

Cost controls

Anonymous wrote:

"New post please, This from this mornings Post.

Every month we see the AIU costs to the school district. Some of these services are needed but come on now. This first came up as an issue with physical and occupational therapists working for the AIU. Their hours were being cut back. Time spent traveling from one school to another were no longer paid. Record keeping time was not going to be compensated either.
Many home health workers do not get paid travel time. But they do get to claim travel mileage on federal taxes.
Look at the financial report. See what we the people are paying for."  

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Questioner said...

Years ago, when PPS was making unpopular cuts (always justified as tough decisions, etc) some suggested that PPS provide a detailed, line item budget and seek public ideas and input on where savings could be found and on spending priorities.

This type of travel cost and many other opportunities for savings would likely have been uncovered, and different spending priorities put in place.