Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pittsburgh Promise and African- American males

Anonymous wrote:

"Questioner, will you kindly start a new post to discuss the Pittsburgh Promise and the current issue in the news regarding AA males. I would love to hear what teachers have to say. "


Questioner said...

City Paper article on this topic:

Anonymous said...

Yes I also want to hear from teachers about AA personally like to see more AA go to trade schools such as auto mechanics,air condition an refrigeration skills etc. all PPS talks about AA males should go to college everybody not college material yes some AA males are and some not Promise Ready need to put focus what's the best advance education and skills training that meets the needs of AA males to succeed in life can we do that that shouldn't be to hard !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Pittsburgh Promise also give money to students going into trade programs such as Pittsburgh Technical Institute? A student who is not "Promise ready" is probably not ready for technical school. Many of these programs require a special set of skills. RHVAC has many facets (electrical, mechanical, metal fabrication...) Auto mechanics, motorcycle mechanic. Ask a Harley Davidson University grad what it takes.
Point is here that for years, PPS has had the attitude that if a student is not good in reading, writing and math, send him to shop. Then, get rid of the shop? These students need to be educated so they can go to college, trade school, or trade-college.
Look at the trade apprenticeship programs. Many require CCAC classes. There is simply no place in industry for any student who is not capable. And what again are the requirements for the promise? (2.0 or 2.5?, good attendance?, good behavior?) Sounds like the basic stuff that would make for a good employee.

Mark Rauterkus said...

This might be a great opportunity to make mention of my long-standing idea that still have plenty of merit: 13th grade. Some in PPS and some from throughout the region, could benefit from a PREP YEAR. Sadly, very few of those "PREP SCHOOLS" are in western PA.

PPS could run a prep year at the IB school, billing the Pgh Promise perhaps, and make more advanced classes more available.

The cost for these students would be far less then the cost of college tuition.

For the article, it is great CCAC is an option too.

Of course, this 13th grade option is still on the college / academic track. I fully agree that some others need more opportunities to work in the trades and have Vo Tech options in high school. The hole caused with the closing of South Vo Tech is still as wide as ever, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Questioner for kindly starting this post. I'm disappointed that we aren't having a robust exchange and for the life of me I don't understand why.
Do you have any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Talk means nothing. Anyone can talk, preach, or deliver sermons. The first way to solve some of the gap is to STOP TALKING!

Anonymous said...

Investment of monies begins to slow if the return on that investment doesn't meet expectations.

Interesting that the 15 yr. old student referred to in the article sees The Promise as a "ride" and is disappointed that he may not be receiving the " full ride".

Anonymous said...

Yes, he was "promised" a full ride out of a life if poverty if he succeeded in the PPS. He has been fulfilling his part of the bargain- but sadly, the "promise" will be broken. Shame on the Pittsburgh Promise and the PPS for breaking their word.