Sunday, September 20, 2015

Familiar story

Been meaning to post this for a while... "Getting Schooled," review of The Prize/ Who's in Charge of America's Schools?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Pittsburgh Public Schools contributes ENORMOUSLY to the "school failure industry" cited in the article. Month after month, year after year, since the Roosevelt regime, retired educators calling themselves "consultants" come and go after commandeering exorbitant fees--- with NO results or evaluation or accountability!

The question continues. WHY does PPS need any "consultants"? WHY does PPS not hire qualified people for the positions of Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Assistant Superintendents by the half dozen, Executive Directors by the half dozen, Directors and Project Managers by the dozens? What do all these positions require? Why do the keep the jobs if their is no evidence of competence, effectiveness, etc.?

Our PPP students are victims of the "school failure industry" while non-skilled adults continue to profit enormously? WHY? HOW can this happen? Where else but EDUCATION could this happen? Where else is taxpayer money a FREE handout to those cannot do the job?

Questioner said...

Every time a foundation leader puts out an op ed, etc. praising the Superintendent (Greg Behr, PG), all of us need to ask- why if the Superintendent is so outstanding, is it necessary to hire this constant stream of consultants? And if (when) the response is an evasive, PR-type non-answer, persist!