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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Chief of Police

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How is the new Chief of Police doing in his new position? "

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Former teachers/ administrators on school board

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Andy Sheehan - "Some concerned union too involved in PPS as crucial decisions looming."
Former teachers and administrators now account for 4 0f 9 Board positions and 2 new people are running unopposed. (One's spouse is a teacher) Esther Bush states that this new mix might favor teachers' concerns over students'.

I welcome a new mix because the "old" mix certainly hasn't asserted itself against Lane, Gates, Broad, etc and all the initiatives that haven't worked. Teachers are the ones in the trenches and know best what the students need. Esther Bush should welcome change if she is concerned about the students and what they need. PPS needs a major make-over because the ship is sinking fast. A school board needs to be actively involved in district issues and initiatives and not just rubber stamp everything the Superintendent and Co. pass on to them. What are the powers that be afraid of really? "

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Familiar story

Been meaning to post this for a while... "Getting Schooled," review of The Prize/ Who's in Charge of America's Schools?

Friday, September 18, 2015

Proposed Westiinghouse/ Wilkinsburg merger

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I just listened to the presentation of the pps/wilkinsburg working group report from the agenda review meeting. is it just me or is this being handled with tremendous care and thought? perhaps the involvement of PDE was useful. I do wonder about the 7 CTE programs at Westinghouse, in particular HVAC, Carpentry and Culinary Arts, each of which create a definite career path. The Pittsburgh Promise provides stories of success by focusing on students who took full advantage the scholarship, but where do we go to hear about kids who capitalized on CTE offerings, especially those that are vocational based? "

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

U Prep new administration

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Problems at U PREP already? 

The first week their are fights, kids screaming at adults and gun shots after school. The new administration are Mr. Horne the principal and Mr. Freeman the vice principal. The staff are already calling the principal Mr. Hardy jr because he does not talk to staff professionally and the kids say that he is soft. "

Search for new superintendent

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In search of Linda Lane's replacement: 

The Foundations and their leadership have begun their 'campaign' " to further advance the ambitious agenda that was started under Mark Roosevelt's tenure and nurtured so expertly by Linda Lane." 

They say that Ms. Lane's report card makes for "impressive reading", citing graduation rates, enrollment in post-secondary education, and retention rates for Pittsburgh Promise students. 

Does anyone care to make the case -while citing the evidence- why Ms. Lane's tenure has in fact failed to educate the children of Pittsburgh Public Schools? "

Federal improvement grants to go to 5 PPS schools

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This is in this mornings Post Gazette: 

In response to the Aug. 25 article “Five Schools in Pittsburgh Awarded Federal Improvement Grants” ( If the definition of insanity is repeating the same action and expecting a different result, then Pittsburgh Public Schools needs a straitjacket. 

Five chronically underperforming Pittsburgh public schools will receive more than $1 million each in federal school improvement grant (SIG) dollars to implement a “transformation” model. They are committing to using the new teacher evaluation system that they would be required to use under Pennsylvania law anyway. 

These schools already received school improvement grants in 2010. Despite this infusion of federal dollars, only one school has seen real improvement and three out of the five have actually seen dips in reading. 

Before you blame these declines on Pennsylvania’s broken funding formula, remember that the latest available data (school year 2012-2013) shows Pittsburgh Public Schools spends $22,000 per pupil, which is 30 percent more than the state average of $15,341. 

Lest you think teacher evaluations will be the game changer, note that at least 96 percent of teachers at each school were rated distinguished or proficient. At Perry High School, where a mere 63 percent of students graduate, not a single teacher received a “needs improvement” rating. 

Unfortunately, these schools aren’t outliers. A study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that the only SIG schools to see real gains were the ones that chose the more ambitious plans like converting to a charter school or reconstituting staff. 

That’s why Gov. Tom Wolf should support Senate Bill 6, Sen. Lloyd Smucker’s legislation that would require meaningful and proven interventions for chronically underperforming schools. Students in these schools deserve real reforms, not more of the same. 

Executive Director 

A million here, a million there. Seems we had big federal cash cows before. When that money runs out, do we blame the Wolf, the Republicans, or Trump? (just kidding) 1 Million in 2010, another million now. Results are getting poorer each year. 
Give the million to Lane as a goodbye bribe. Anyone else will do for now. As I see it, it can only get better. And they still need to spend 35,000 for a teacher event at the Warhol. 
"meaningful and proven interventions", I thought they have been doing that all the time. Down the toilet baby, down the toilet. "