Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Involvement by Council of Great City Schools

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New post please...
There is a new article in the PG about Dr. Hamlets transition plan. It stated...

"The Council of the Great City Schools, a consortium of the nation’s largest urban school districts, will help find national experts for the superintendent’s transition team, the second part of the plan.

The group will provide an independent assessment of the district — focusing on subjects including organizational structure and staffing, instructional programming, budgets, data and disciplinary approaches — and will review, among other things, curriculum, classroom sizes and social-service needs and offerings. The school board recently approved a contract with the council through Dec. 31 for no more than $156,545."

When I googled "Council of the Great City School" it was clear that it is heavily tied to and funded by Bill Gates and Eli Broad. Yep, they're back... and choosing the transition team, among other things. This has me seriously worried.

Here is the link to the article

Is PPS really paying $156,545 to a Broad/Gates group so that group can give us Broad's trained staff for the transition team??? I'm trying to be hopeful, but this news has me worried as a PPS teacher. "


Questioner said...

Past reports by this organization supported the Roosevelt Broad/Gates spin.

Anonymous said...

What is this thing we are obsessed CONSULTANTS mean to tell me that PPS has to get support from MULTIPLE school districts to fill our top 3 POSITIONS.
Can someone tell me just WHY we have to go through this process who is going to screen out these people the PPS BOARD?
Let's just OUTSOURCE the whole DISTRICT and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

Veteran teachers would make the best transition team.

Anonymous said...

very disappointed--more Broad/ more consultants-- really thought Dr. Hamlet did his research and would realize how low these carpetbaggers brought us-- so many good admin and teachers who are still around Pittsburgh with so much knowledge-- guess we should have let Cate Reid choose after the plagarism-- we sare getting the same thing!
Dr. Hamlet- BREAK FREE from those who intend to kill public education!

Anonymous said...

When Pittsburgh decided- oh oh we are urban therefore we must play like all the urban schools across the country our schools went down--
1) gotta add word Academy to erverything- sure sign of downfall
2) uniforms ( lets play parochial)
3) K-8= because having middle school curriculum- courses etc was a waste for urban kids- just be a tiny -- again pretend parochial-- that cant offer athletics, drama,technology, languages, swimming, - you name it but just keep them in their classrooms
4) this all leads to charter schools, parochial and private schools because the public schools are no longer offering what these schools couldnt-- they used to!-- prior to being right-sized
5) gotta get rid of classes that weren't academic (remember parochioal schools used to send THEIR kids to PPS for this
6) cant even teach keyboarding cause if it wasnt done in 1959 in some urban area-- it isnt right for today's Pittsburgh
THIS is what "greater urban schools is about"
Think hard of what we lost in the last 10 years-- Dr. Hamlet-- research it what we had going into 2006