Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New PPS positions posted

Anonymous wrote:

"New Post - Now Hiring!

Interested in supporting transformational change within the PPS? Know somebody who would be great at it? Tons of exciting new positions now posted for certified and non-certified staff, including subject-matter curriculum coordinators, assistant superintendent roles - school transformation & professional development, a director of strategic initiatives, a director of charter schools, and a chief of communications, among others. "


Anonymous said...

Cleaning the "swamp" ?

Anonymous said...

I like the hiring of certified professionals rather than random consultants with no credentials-- nurses, librarians-- sounds like real school is returning to the 'burgh

Anonymous said...

sounds expensive

Anonymous said...

Librarians are good Previous administrations thought they were not so important. Any organ grinder with a little monkey could do that job. I wonder where they will find them?(librarians, not monkeys) They need additional education to get that certificate. Who would have taken the time or spent the money to become a librarian if PPS was not going to hire or use them. Back in the 90's, several shop teachers were tipped off to get the school librarian certificate. One was at Milliones, the other at Allderdice.
School nurses are worse yet. They must first be a Registered Nurse. They continue on to get a school nurse certificate. This used to be required by the state. Nurses had to take several education courses. (Ed Psych, Ed Media and several others)
Now, a CRNP is required for the job. (Clinical Resident Nurse Practitioner) They must still be an RN or BSN first. This is a lot of time and money for the pay they get.
At one time, PPS had a special program. They hired five nurses. They had to go to school on their own time and dime. If they did not complete this requirement they were terminated. One nurse completed the program. Some did not, some resigned. PPS even hired a male nurse who had all the certificates. If you know a retired pps nurse, ask her, there was a lot of bitterness among them.

Anonymous said...

Does the new administration have the ability to hire the "right" people for the "right" places from a pool of applicants?

Mark Rauterkus said...

I am doing a happy dance.
Now, time to look forward.
BTW, Dice needs two new swim coaches. And, I have high hopes that N. Rudiak is going to help to change the City Chartr and allow more to come forward to coach our scholastic sports teams. (News!)

Anonymous said...

It's good to see that librarians are being hired again. But an "Assistant Superintendent, School Transformation"? That's just nonsense, and seeing that posted is a very bad sign.

How do I know that it's nonsense, and a very bad sign? Everyone knows what a librarian is, and everyone knows what a librarian does. But what is an "Assistant Superintendent, School Transformation"? Could any taxpayer, or any parent, tell you what that title really means without going to the PPS website?

"Assistant Superintendent, School Transformation" - it sounds like something Mark Roosevelt would have come up with. Fancy title, great public relations. How about hiring an "Assistant Superintendent, School Discipline", instead? That would make some sense.

If I'm sounding cynical, it's because I am. I'm a veteran PPS school teacher. I've seen it all. And very little of what I've seen has been helpful to me - or more importantly, has been helpful to my students.