Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Passing a budget with contract undecided

Anonymous wrote:

"Pardon my ignorance. How can the district pass a budget with a contract undecided? I am an education/political outsider so maybe this is how it is done and I never paid attention before. "

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Anonymous said...

In the article: "The proposal represents a 4.2 percent, or $25.1 million, increase over the 2017 budget. To cover a $19.9 million deficit, the district wants to tap into its rainy day fund, estimated at $126.1 million starting next year."

So we are tapping into a rainy day fund while the economy is booming??? If we can't afford it now, then when will we be able to afford it? They are going to drain every resource from this school system and then when a true rainy day comes, don't go looking for a life vest. This administration NEEDS to go!