Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Parents are the most important piece"

From today's Post Gazette article about the Blue Ribbon Award to Manchester Academic Charter School (one of only a dozen PA schools public and charter to win this year's award)-

"Parents are the most important piece... If you don't have a parent doing the homework, reading to their child- there's nothing we can do to help that child if we don't have the parent's commitment."

PPS in contrast seems to emphasize curriculum, school configuration, school choice and standardized test goals with relatively little mention of parents.

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Anonymous said...

Most charter schools REQUIRE parent engagement in the form of tracked volunteer hours. We really need to look at the practices in PPS by categories. Building (PTO,PTA,PSCC), district (Head Start Policy Council, EFA, ad hoc committees for text book selection, handbook and code of conduct revisions, IB location selection committee). What works, what doesn't and why?