Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Public Hearing Testimony Posted

At yesterday's Public Hearing there were five speakers associated with PURE Reform.

Topics were Comprehensive High Schools, Former Schenley Building Insurance, IB and Pittsburgh Peabody, Budget/CEP and Parent Engagement. All testimony has been posted at www.purereform.com (announcements tab under this December 8, 2008 item).

The issue of building insurance for the Schenley building is new to this blog. Again, the district has a tin ear when it comes to one of the most beloved school buildings in this district.

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Questioner said...

At the Board's Agenda Review (broadcast today), Board member Randall Taylor mentioned concerns brought up at the public hearing about a lack of choice in the East End, noting that depending on the program chosen for Westinghouse the nearest regular high school would be schools such as Carrick or Perry. He is concerned about a lack of equity and also noted that decisions on this issue should not be made in a vacuum. He noted the need for a long-term strategic plan for the East end and the need to engage the public and parents fully and completely and as early as possible, and recommended formation of a comittee to consider the issues raised.