Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PURE report on Education Committee meeting

PURE Reform's report on last week's education committee meeting has now been posted. Go to www.purereform.com , Announcements tab, and click on "PURE Reform Report" for the April 14, 2009 date of the meeting.

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Questioner said...

The meeting included this question and answer (http://www.purereform.com/edcomm_041409.html):

"Jean Fink: When we find a permanent home for the IB program, we are looking at extensive renovations.

Mark Roosevelt: Moving the IB program is three years off. What I understand is a high priority of this board (Career and Technology Education) CTE programming and I recommend using bonding money for that."

However, isn't the whole idea of the current facilities planning process that a 10 year plan is being devised so that all of the needs and all of the costs are being considered together, rather than taking a piecemeal approach? The amount budgeted for CTE could and should differ depending on the extent of other expected expenditures, even if those expenditures are a year or so off (although students are scheduled to move in 3 years, renovations for their new building would of course have to take place before the move date).