Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Teachers voice concerns over rapid growth of AP

From today's NYT:

More than half of AP teachers surveyed by a research and advocacy organization "are concerned that the program's effectiveness is being threatened as districts loosen restrictions on who can take such rigorous courses..."

The article notes that these findins support the organization's position "that the nation's current focus on raising basic skills sometimes neglects a need for the continued growth and challenging of high-achieving students."


fixit said...

I attended an A+ forum last summer where a number of students from Peabody High School came to ask questions of the panel comprised of mostly PPS administrators. One 11th grade boy, obviously a high achiever was trying to convince his counselor to let him drop an AP class. This was my first exposure to discussion of AP. Since then I wondered if the number of students in AP was one way a principal is graded under PULSE? Does anyone know? Is it possible that getting a kid into AP backfires when the kid becomes discouraged? If we want to have bigger numbers in AP classes the groundwork had better be laid in elementary school.

Anonymous said...

There is such an emphasis on immediate results these days, that waiting for kids to progress from elementary school would probably be unacceptable.