Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Alternative panel

Yesterday's PG described a panel being formed by the district to address secondary schools in the East End. The district did not announce formation of the panel in advance or release a list of panel members, meeting dates or agenda, and meetings are closed to public observation.

In response, two board members have announced formation of an alternate committee to meet at the same time at district offices. From the PG:


Questioner said...

The PG article also notes the very strange omission from the district panel of Randall Taylor, a school board member for 12 years from the East End. Surely any such panel would benefit from his knowledge and experience.

Questioner said...

We have been notified that the districts panel's agenda for tomorrow will be to attend the meeting of the alternative panel to hear comments and concerns.

Despite the very short notice we plan on having a nice group for the alternative panel and hope that those who follow this blog and have concerns about high schools in the east end will be able to attend the meeting at Bellefield.

Questioner said...

From the New Pittsburgh Courier, "School advisory committee has a rocky start":