Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gender specific classes

At this week's legislative review, administrative staff mentioned that gender specific classes had begun at Milliones 6-8 and Westinghouse grade 9.

Board member Mark Brentley noted that the Board had been not been told that gender spcific classes were beginning and that he felt the Board should have been informed or even consulted. The district solicitor quickly noted that there was no legal requirement to inform Board members (or presumably the public) about this type of change.

It does seem strange not to tell a community in advance that their children's classes would become gender specific and to seek input on the topic. Some Westinghouse parents have reportedly complained about higher levels of fighting in the boys' classes and girls feeling left out.


parent one said...

It does not bother me that the "community" was not informed of any class becoming single-gender. Now if the parents of the students were not informed that is a different story. Has enough time elapsed to see if there is any benefit to it? Isn't there a high school in PPS that had single-gender assemblies?

Questioner said...

Parents were not informed.

Community members who are not parents might also have an interest if they are in the feeder pattern and planning to send a child to the school next year rather than applying for a magnet, or if they are thinking of buying a house there.