Thursday, January 28, 2010

Venture philosophy/ Broad Foundation

On another post Anonymous wrote:

Please Check Out

"The Rise of Venture Philathrophy and the Ongoing Neoliberal Assault on Public Education: The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation" by Kenneth Saltman
I found this on the School Maters blogsite

Excellent, A must read for all


Anonymous said...

Thanks, for posting this Questioner

The Author is from Depaul University, I can not wait to read his latest book. Maybe I'll have it overnighted.

On anouther note, Do you know what Lopez did today? He changed the schedule for midterm examinations at the High Schools. Instead of extending the day today and cuting the periods by a few minutes, and still get three periods in. Lopez decided to have a 1/2 day with one period/one midterm because of the delay. He decided to have a full school day tomorrow, instead of a 1/2 day. This means that students could have up to 5 midterm examinations tomorrow. Does Lopez care about student achievement?
He had a meeting with The Principals & Their Pela's, most disagreed with him. I heard he kicked a Principal & Pela out, wish I knew who?
He shoved it down their throats & I heard he put it out that he and the principals agreed on this plan.

What a Guy, Educational CEO, read the article please


Questioner said...

They actually have 6 exams tomorrow- 6 hours of intense concentration and writing. Even SAT's are not that long. Will students be able to do their best work?

Anonymous said...

I have to say, this is just not right. From my experience as a undergrad, and my teaching experience, tomorrow will be a nightmare. Test scores will drop as the day drags on.

The Phones were ringing off the hook this morning, kids texting parents & parents calling the school. I hope calls were going to the Ivory Tower also. According to union rep the union was going to fight because it is against the contract, yea right

The only people who can save this district are the parents, that's why I read this blog, so I was happy about the parents reaction.

I wonder what the plan is if we have a 2 hour delay. If I give finals on tuesday, that is a week after my review, grades will also suffer

Lopez sure dropped the ball on this one

Its about the kids, thats is whats lost when schools districts are taken over and run like corporate america. There is no common sense, basics of education, It blows my mind

worried about students achievement


Questioner said...

It sure is hard to see how this decision helps put kids on the "Pathway to the Promise."

It would seem smarter to plan midterms for a Tuesday, which would allow plenty of time to make up for snow days and delays, etc.

Anonymous said...

It's not an excellent article or a must read by any stretch of the imagination. You must be new to these parts, as comments about the Broad Foundation were made here months ago.
At the same time, you get a little tired and bored by the continual harangue with regards to a "liberal conspiracy". I'm not a liberal and I'm not a conservative. (And to me, it was the conservative agenda that largely destroyed this nation over the past 8 years---forcing our current administration into the no-win stance of having to clean up their messes with regards to the economy and war). Please, save your conspiracy theories.

Truth is, the government has been getting out of the education business for 20 years. It's just becoming a more organized effort now. It IS surprising to me that our union has capitulated. It IS surprising to me that a segment of the population that I thought would always be left to its own devices--our poorest kids and their families--are at least part of the plan. It IS surprising to me that local media still asks relatively few pointed questions and just follows along.
But that's just me.
In a time when you have no 'union' that does your bidding, it's time to hunker down, keep your mouth closed and adjust.

Anonymous said...

I believe after hearing about the nightmare of finals at a parent meeting last night the district might make a different decision if faced with the same circumstances again. From where I sit/live, the two hour delay was needed due to conditions in my community. What I am unclear on is just when did Plan B emerge? Shouldn't we all expect the unexpected? Afterall this is Pittsburgh.

Anonymous said...

The two hour delay was more in order for today than yesterday. As usual, the powers that be illustrate a penchant for placing their heads in their nether regions.
As for the 6-final day, come on. In the suburbs, school buses almost stop in front of individual homes any more to pick up students. When are we going to stop pandering to kids?

Anonymous said...

Dear Not an Excellent Article

You did not even read the completeceri article, from your incorrect comments. I have been researching The Broad Foundation for 4 years. I am not new to these parts by any means. You obviously must have attended one of the state teachers schools such as IUP or the Rock.

Go to the back of the article to get the defenition Neoliberalism, it has nothing to do with liberalism. It grew during last 8 years, the author states that in the article that you failed to read more than a page or two.

Go Hunker down

Thank God some of us in this district went to private liberal arts schools.

Finish the article before you speak, you have already given up

I will continue to find out as much as I can and share


Anonymous said...

Oh by the way, no need to correct my spelling or/typo's

I know everyone has opinions, but look up a author's credentials, before jumping to the conclusion he a conspiracy nut

Sorry about being an education snob, but I did not like your tone. I looked up the Broad Foundation on the net when the Board hired him. I took new to these parts as a insult.

Frusted Irishmen