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Administrator's classroom experience

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Barbara Rudiak: School officials don't lack classroom experience

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Anonymous said...

Part 1
Rudiak's comment fails to indicate the "extremely limited" experience that she and Lane's Cabinet have at the school level. Yes, Rudiak probably has the most experience in term of a classroom teacher and principal but here's the issue. Rudiak spent 1 year in a school with many challenges. She served one year as a VP at King as a VP many years ago. Right after that she was moved to Phillip's elementary on the South Side where she remained until being promoted as the Director of Elementary Schools. For those of us who have been around for some 35 plus years know very well that Phillip's Elementary School in the 90's and early 2000's when Rudiak was the principal was a school with minimal behavior and academic concerns. For the most part during her tenure year, the school was predominately white and therefore, her experience in needing to reduce the achievement gap was not even a concern. Rudiak was successful at Phillips but most of us know she would have never been successful at challenging schools such as King, Northview, Weil, Knoxville, Columbus, Greenway, Arsenal, Milliones, Lincoln, Westinghouse, or Oliver. It amazes me how the current Central soldiers tout experience when in fact they are LIMITED! So what is Rudiak's role now? Why has many of her days this year been consumed as a hall and cafeteria monitor at Lincoln?

Now let’s look at French, a school psychologist by trade who worked at the Option Center. Her role was in assisting students who were on long term suspensions from their assigned school. She was never a classroom teacher and in her quest to move up the ladder, she received her Principal's Certification and Letter of Eligibility and was rewarded by being named the Principal of Mifflin K-8 for 1 year. Again, like Rudiak's appointment at Phillips, French became the leader of another school with minimal behavior and academic concerns. All of this came during the MR years with Lippert's influence. Yes, Lippert had Roosevelt's ear and actually became 2nd in command after the Spampinato debacle. So today we have French as 2nd in command with NO classroom experience and 1 year as the principal of Mifflin that was and still is not considered to be a struggling school.

Let's look at Lane who was hired as the Deputy Superintendent to replace Spampinato. She was a 1st grade teacher who was then appointed to head Curriculum in Iowa. Since her father was a Central Office Administrator who supervised principals, Lane could not move up the ladder in her Iowa district as a principal. Her father could not supervise her as this would be a conflict of interest. Therefore, with no school based leadership role, Lane moves forward to BROAD and receives her Letter of Eligibility to serve as a Superintendent. It was at the BROAD Institute where Lane just as Spampinato met Roosevelt. Lane is now appointed to serve as PPS Deputy Superintendent but it was Lippert that MR looked to for guidance. During Lane's first 3 years at PPS she took a back seat to Lippert who was actually running the district. This allowed French to move up the ladder quickly.

Continued in next post

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Now, let's look at Lippert's experience. She was a Health and Physical Education teacher by trade who left the Baldwin School District and was hired as a VP at Allegheny Middle School. The next year, she was moved to Oliver. Yes, one of the schools made famous as one of the nations "Drop Out Factories" reported in the movie. If Lippert had the making of a strong turn around leader, why wasn't she made the principal at Oliver? Hum... Instead the district thought it best to promote her to Allegheny Middle School to replace Nancy Kodman who was going to Central Office as a Principal on "Special Assignment." During this time Spampinato was still the deputy Superintendent and Pat Fisher was the Director of all PPS. Fisher questioned Lippert's performance as a principal and she was on a hot seat. With the demise of Spampinato, Fisher's continued employment in question with retirement knocking at the door, another outsider of PPS was secured as a Central Office Leader. In comes Otuwa from Atlanta.

The supervisors of PPS were being encouraged by Roosevelt to retire and now we have a void in the area of Curriculum and Professional Development. Roosevelt looks from within and appoints long time Principal Gutkind to head Curriculum. Lippert applies for the Professional Development position knowing full well that if Fisher doesn't retire, year #2 for her at Allegheny may become a nightmare. MR liked the young and energetic Lippert and her technology skills are well above the curve of many colleagues. Yes, just the person PPS needs for professional development. She can whip up a PowerPoint in a blink of an eye. The next year Gutkind retires and Lippert takes over Curriculum and Professional Development.

As for Otuwa, she was hired to come in as an out-of towner to hatchet away at those considered to be poor administrators. An elementary teacher by trade and a successful Elementary Principal in Atlanta, she came in strong headed and teamed up with Rudiak to tackle some of the district's most challenged PPS. The problem? Neither Otuwa nor Rudiak have real practical experience as turn around principals. Schools that struggle continue to struggle even today.

With the advent of continued pockets of struggling schools, the next Great Hope is the institution of the PELA Program. The district seeks to find "Rock Stars" who will become principals that turn around PPS. Those who are selected as PELA's will serve one year under a selected principal, be schooled in the Art of PELA and at the end of the year, they will be placed as a principal. What a colossal failure for the most part. Only a few PELA's have difficult assignments: Westinghouse (PELA removed), Faison, ML King and Arsenal. Look at the data Faison and King's achievement have not increased and student behavior is off the chart! After a year of a PELA at Arsenal we can add that school now to the mix. Arsenal with its many challenges was the only predominately AA middle school that was not closed because performance was rated high. Arsenal has now fallen into Corrective Action 1.

Now we come to the newest appointment, David May-Stein. He’s a product of moving up the educational ladder as a teacher, VP and Principal of Colfax. However, under his leadership, Colfax failed to even narrow the achievement gap yet alone post an increase in student achievement in any subgroup other than white students.

So with so many leaders with limited practical experience, PPS continues to spend millions on consultants. The think tank of the Superintendent's Cabinet just does not have the collective experience to move this district forward. I fault the PPS Board for allowing this practice to continue. Bellefield’s leaders need to move on.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Rudiak is a lovely person, but the tone of her response is so soft, no actually, more weak than anything else, you have to wonder why she bothered to write it. Could her response have contained more specifics and the PG edited it down? Vague is not a tactic for a good arguement.

The history lesson for an outsider to absorb.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget PELA at Lincoln (assigned because Dr. Holley retired). Arrington was "trained" by David May-Stein at Colfax -- and as mentioned above he knows so much about closing gaps and raising the achievement of AA students, not. She had a year or two of classroom experience e before becoming a "coach" and then a PELA.

Scores have dropped every year at Lincoln since she's been there. It's now just a K-5 school (from K-8), there's a vice-principal and isn't that where Rudiak now spends most of her time? For how many students? To what effect?

Anonymous said...

Where does Poncelet fit in this puzzle? Also has the Spampinato mystery ever been solved?

Anonymous said...

And what about another woman Roosevelt brought in (can't remember her name) who was supposedly using district money to house a friend in a downtown hotel? I believe she got "bought" out also.

PPS makes the show Scandal look tame:)

Anonymous said...

Paula Butterfield served under Thompson not Roosevelt. (Re: 6:26 post.) Read the article though. There's our old friend Cassandra Richardson-Kemp! Too bad we don't have auditors like we had then.

Anonymous said...

Spampinato sure got a good deal!

Whatever happened was hush hush and she still got paid to "consult" on her "own time."fthBods 15380

Anonymous said...

Are we talking about admin's classroom experience, or are we talking about closing achievement gaps? Based on the title of this post, seems it is the former and thus your dig at DMS for the achievement gap at Colfax is not relevant. DMS has classroom experience.

Anonymous said...

We can talk about all of those things, can't we?

Administrators should have had classroom experience -- preferably 5+ years. Some people are definitely better administrators than classroom teachers, there are different skills. However, to effectively manage, train and develop teachers, an administrator should have been "in the trenches" long enough to be able to effectively mentor teachers.

For some administrators, closing achievement gaps isn't an issue -- maybe in racially and ethnically homogeneous suburban and rural districts with little variation in income levels and all native speakers.

But none of that describes the PPS. And now, May-Stein is the supervisor for Westinghouse, correct? How does that make sense? If as a principal he couldn't close gaps, why is he now supervising the people charged with doing so?

The simple answer is that he's doing what he's told by our current administration. And after 6+ years of these people (under both Lane and Roosevelt) we've been treading water in terms of achievement. I'd argue we've lost a huge amount of ground though, in actual learning, even more than the test score data show.

Anonymous said...

The achievement gap at Colfax was the widest gap in city schools. It was always in the 40 to 47 pt. gap range.

Anonymous said...

I know that this has been challenged here ad nauseum; but a huge part of the achievement gap is about "belief systems" of educators. Too many believe that African American students are not capable of achieving at the highest levels and they act accordingly. Call it what it is and it won't be published.

Questioner said...

If the problem was belief systems then classes taught by African am teachers should not show an achievement gap. Have any studies been done?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of belief systems, where to start is making kids believe in the value of what they are getting. Then maybe you will see attitude and behavior improve too. A lot of kids in college now can point to where their education was deficient. Has anyone queried them on this?

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily, not every African American teacher has the same belief system, most do but not all. Additionally, AA teachers in PPS have no autonomy to put aside the scripted or managed curricula. As a matter of fact they, nor any enlightened White teacher, can, under this regime, write or implement truly standards-aligned African-centered curricula that highlights the contributions of African Americans in all fields of study.

Is there research? you ask again. And, YES, again, there is an over-abundance such research.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see Linda lane teacher or be a principal and northview, fasion, lincoln, or westinghouse, uprep, or oliver/Perry. She couldnt handle it and she knows it. But thats even ok, if she know how to best utilize people to get the job done, but she hasnt even done that.

There are people not even working in the district anymore that come around as Retirees/volunteers that could have done wonders on the Hill, Northside and EastEnd, and linda lane rejects them out right because she doesnt want to be proven wrong.

We need a new leader now. Our board only keeps linda around because they can control her, and now with Sharene elected as chairman, them two are really going to set us back.

Anonymous said...

David Maystein may be the supervisor over that principal and Westinghouse but she controls him and lets him have it every chance she gets. He cant control her. Not long ago in a meeting between her/whs and Derrick Lopez/homewood Children village and few others, she went off on him and Derrick. And when David May stein tryed to settle her down it became obvious to the WHS people who ran Him. It was her.

So dont tell me about David May stein, he is not the one either. WE need old school principals like Regina Holey, she got it done and had the scores to prove it. Why she didnt get elected as Chairman is beyound me. We are in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

As far as Otuwa, she is the least intellectual of them all. She makes up stuff in meetings all the time. She is never prepared. Lopez wanted to get rid of her, but she survived him and them once rosevelt left went after him back, and her and lane found a way to get rid of him.

Otuwa has a real problem with the AA Men administrators in PPS and has either removed them or found a way to get them demoted.

Anonymous said...

And that, dear parent, is your silence at work.
Fire 300 teachers....keep this lot.
Your tax dollars at work.

Anonymous said...

That was sort of the point about having David May-Stein "in charge" of WHS. The principal knows that he'd not survive in her job long and that no one else in administration has ANY desire to do that job at all, let alone do it well.

So, it's ridiculous to have him be her supervisor and ridiculous that Sharene Shealey is the board member for its district. She knows what the administrators tell her and as someone with a full-time job (and two hour a day commute according to the PG today)how often do you think she can see the school in action?

Anonymous said...

I've been around a long time just like the poster on 12-9 1:01pm. Yes, these folks have classroom and administration experience but where the poster hits the mark is that the Central Office folks that hold these positions should be able to assist schools. They simple can't because they gravely lack any experience in ever having to decrease the gap or manage a school where student behavior is challenging.

I agree that each of these folks have never been in charge of a school with critical needs. Therefore, they tell principals what to do but yet never actually had any experience in doing it. Just as Dec 10 at 6:45 pm said, Lane nor any other of those in charge have ever proved themselves as a successful leader of a challenged school. That's the data!

The soft position that Central Office dictates that administrators take on discipline is exploding in so many schools. PELA's were taught to talk to the children to curb inappropriate behaviors. Students cuss out staff or push past them and the principal talks to the child or gives them a few periods in ISS. Fights occur, staff risk themselves by intervening and the consequence is mediation. How about mediation, suspension and requiring that both students’ parents come in at the same to meet with an administrator to be readmitted? It worked the majority of time in the past by our retired principal. Currently, the soft approach on discipline only encourages students to repeat the same behavior. Mediation without a significant consequence does absolutely nothing to change the behavior.

While administrators are told to be in the classroom 3-4 hours a day, students are in the halls or bathrooms. With all of the cutbacks, no one is really available to monitor the halls anymore. Several teachers are in the classroom 6 periods a day. There's just no one available.

I remember the days when my old school principal would complete a formal observation and then spent the rest of the day walking the halls, doing cafe duty, met the students every morning during assembly and moved about the halls and even outside during dismissal. She attended school based PD by the coaches to monitor the agenda, review data with the team and set plans for those underperforming students. After work hours were long because paperwork, email, and phone calls were done after the students were dismissed. Seems to me this method proved to be effective. Although our school was not making AYP yearly, our students showed continued incremental growth year by year and the school was in control.

None of the current leaders could ever have walked in my past principals shoes and they certainly can't walk in Crenshaw's either.

Anonymous said...

Achievement gap on its own is a fairly bogus measurement. You can easily reduce the achievement gap of any school by reducing the number of high achieving students. That's not going to make your school any better, but it will sure cut the gap.

Here's an alternate idea: Take the district's AA reading and math scores by school and sort them. Which schools are on the extreme ends of the sorted list, and why? One thing that will immediately pop up is that AA students at magnet schools do much better than non-magnet schools.

Questioner said...

But most magnet schools have admission requirements, right? So they select the AA students who are doing better to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Crenshaw is a joke. I worked with her the first time she was at westinghouse and she was removed from that assignment for not producing positve results. Why send her back? Well because she have been given a pass from Lane to be disrespectful, fowl mouth, Rude and hostle towards staff. This would only happen to a school in Homewood.

I was asked to come back to work at Westinghouse as well. I flat out refused because of her. But what I can tell you is she knows how to get rid of people including people who supervised her. Look at otuwa. She used to be Crenshaw supervisor but she couldnt stand her and had lane change to David May stein. Also She made sure Lopez was gone. Not only did he get pushed out, he now has to work with her with HCV and she lets him know he is not welcome.

Our whole district is in trouble, because we lack the right people for the right jobs. Thats the bottom line. We have to put the right people in the right places and get leaders who can get the job done,in the areas they have expertise.

Anonymous said...

It is fascinating to me to see ineffective individuals promoted in the administrative chain of PPS.

What is en vogue these days is to look at teacher rapport as being the reason kids aren't interested in a class or even in coming to school to begin with. And you get it across the board, whether we are talking about VPs, principals or people on Bellefield Avenue. It's like they all got together and decided that this would be the next thing to jump on teachers about. Out of touch, you say?

What I have learned about administrators really is something I learned on the streets as a kid. If you show fear or appear nervous, they attack. This is almost always the modus operandi of the observer. Nervousness indicates something to hide. Being fearful means being weak. It's the oldest trick in the book and it is within the style of the Lipperts and Otuwas of the world, two individuals who, professionally speaking, should not be running the local Get-Go.

There was a time when I could ramble off the names of numerous good people who cared about our kids and valued teachers as colleagues. I've been around for 30 years and value the fact that I have been able to monitor and adjust to the times and yet, sadly, I can name only a few who are in buildings now or on Bellefield who understand how it all works: how kids learn, what the effects of little supervision at home truly are, how each kid can learn.

It's all about fear and intimidation now, and it is shameful that there are likely some parents out there that believes this is all an exaggeration. I've seen so many good people come and go--people I would be happy to have taught my own kids---thanks to simply not being in line with what the observer/administrator envisioned---that is sickening.

Education for me and most, if not all, other teachers has always been about helping children achieve. The same cannot be said for administration now and instead, it's more about the intimidation and shell-game leadership. Pretend you know what you are doing, blame teachers when it falls apart and then simply lie to the press.

Just when will this facade end?

Anonymous said...

What kind of school district has to defend the qualifications of its leadership team in a letter to the editor?

Anonymous said...

Amother Chapter-Chapter B

Read the entries-excellent factual data.

More facts from PPS HR History. . .

First up Cranshaw

She was a Math teacher at Carson Middle with NA District. She was a very temperamental and thoughtless very competent teacher of middle school students. Acquired her teaching job as an African American Teacher amongst the booming population and growth of NASD with little diversity in their hiring ranks.

Many parents did not like her attitude-were fearful of her angry black woman attitude trait that sent shock ways through her teaching career at NA. She knew her eighth grade math as a teacher-but the students had trouble relating to her. Many students thought of her as tyrannical and superior thus they could not relate to her. Her feeling tone lacked a silver humane lining. She always used her race- so it was the kids fault if they could not relate to her. This only came from the mouths of parents and students.She took an educational leave-it was a blessing. She never came back into the classroom. Because she acquired her Educational Administration degree. My son went onto to high school. But, I believe she started her Administrative career in North Allegheny before her start in PPS as an Administrator at Carson Middle with likes of other NA teachers with new papers of leaderships under their belt.

She’s a graduate of the PPS public school system. So under Roosevelt she came home to PPS as a former graduate of our school system that made it somewhere else.

The Ultimate Bully as an Administrator. . . .

Apparently, Cranshaw’s career at NASD had the utilization of the Northern Area NAACP Chapter created by former Pittsburgh Dynamo Principal and legend Robert Pipkin as it's ultimate President.

He was the ultimate protégé of the Bully Administrator in PPS with his career here. He likened himself Morgan Freeman in his bully role as a Newark Principal.

Once led his teachers for an in-service, walking through the streets of Northview Heights-for all to understand and see. Remember just walking.

If he could not be President of the PGH NAACP- he created his own own NAACP Chapter with him as a President. With former Steeler Dwight White as fellow North Allegheny residents and many other influential African Americans -they had a great team for this new Chapter. With many PPS residents living in NA country-he helped Francis Barnes and others further their careers while they lived and sent their children to NA Schools. Other PPS employees watched with admiration, or wonderment of whys because "We were all equal." White ended up suing NA concerning his daughter and cheerleading. Barnes moved to many great Superintendent positions in our state and lead the state as Secretary of Education.

Pipkin made or broke careers for educators in the PPS School District from 1980 to the ever present-either by his hand ortill this day others. His way or the highway has spanned over many decades in our PPS system.

Race was never the issue for ratings it was the weakest people he bullied. He took his picks and made you a saint or sacrificial lamb without even data.

Race was not always the factor for his guidance to make your PPS Administrator title.

He was very instrumental in making the BIG BREAKS up the ladder of many PPS leaders. Francis Barnes, Rich Mascari a fellow NA resident at the time and a big Union yapper for his rights as a teacher before an Administrator. As well as Valerie Harris, Marjorie Murphy, Linda Bryant-and Dr. Barbara Rudiak. Many countless more Administrators he elevated to their positions. He made many- not because of race-they madee top with his tutelage and sauciness of a bully.

He created the Bully Principal Club. He owned HR and the Superintendents-he told them what to do. Actually, created his own little school for his term of “bad kids.’ with his own title of Administrator in North Side the Ridge Avenue building.

A significant last protégé with the “right words” and less substance as a writer. .. .Dr. Rudiak Chapter C -next entry

Anonymous said...

A significant last protégé with the “right words” and less substance as a writer-Dr. Rudiak Chapter C

Rudiak was a Middle school Math teacher and an ITL under Pipkin. She groomed with her degrees in Educational Administration and he placed her with his influence in the right places. She was a big part of the PFT Union as a teacher, close with gab sessions in Sherman Schraeger’s ear, thus with the same ties with Mascari’s rise under Pipkin with PFT new found teacher training ITL program -was the launching pad from PPS teacher to PPS ADM.

This old PFT Union-Pipkin regime brought hidden Union ties for control and rise in Administrators from Union ITLS ranks to bigger spots as titles in higher PPS ADM ranks at the Board. No outsiders need apply. The old way to make it to the top in education outside of the classroom-use both sides of the coin per diem.

As for Rudiak, a non-stop worker and a firm believer of the distributive theory of leadership. Her teachers had a say as a part of the workings of her schools. The opposite of Pipkin on face value-but the same--he had others to do his work as he stood over them. Rudiak was more humane and emphatic and had her own tactics in a better format a kinder leader.

As the PPS Superintendents went through the revolving chairs-only one Administrator survived through Roosevelt to the present-Rudiak.
She presented and represented what Roosevelt felt was a great asset to his team. She represented the old school way to get to the top to Administration from being a teacher.

The big Dino Sculpture at PPS ADM building in Oakland-her school staff and students' made as a creation. It was an eye catcher for Roosevelt as he visited the Board-it turned out as an important ingredient to the future.

The correlation was solidified as he only visited one school Phillips that turned his head to her to help his leadership team move. She displayed all the right things that are important to educating students in her school. He liked it.

When she moved on up with Roosevelt, she instituted the STAR Program and many other programs in PPS K-5 schools as a Board Administrator. She brought great ideas in with the ability to use consultants to train following Roosevelt‘s philosophy to pay for it as PPS training programs. But, she really utilized great programs that brought many PPS insiders with ADM certification to the forefront in PPS K-5 schools.
She knew the PPS ADM as peers, she rose through the ranks with all the Principals and ITLS together for most of her career. She knew their strengths and weakness.

Now, as Administrator of her peers, she had no trouble of using her peers to the benefit of her career and ultimately for the betterment of the education of our children. A Roosevelt Broad Rule. A Pipkin old rule with new language.

Importantly, she is/was the President of the PPS Principals Union in our state.

Many Principal unsatisfactory ratings by her had to utilize lawyers to get help to fight against the ratings. Because of her Union stature of PPS Principals and with the Supervisory position of rating Principals in PPS-made many, see her conflicting roles with both hats as a curse.

Important point to Dr Rudiak's Rise

Eventually Roosevelt made a confrontational decision, which made only one survivor for his leadership team-Rudiak. Mascari demoted. She took his position as K-5 leader.

Some are stating she facilitated the orchestration of May-Stein to ADM.

(Pipkin is a self-made Millionaire living in Arizona from the invention of cell phone contracts and agreements from the mid-nineties. He was military man that got his education post-military with an educational degree. He made it from the ghettos of Aliquippa to a man that would make many feel classless because we lack his right ingredients.)

Pipkin was the ultimate Bully that built a career from the tactics for an eye to find a lamb or lion to pursue his interests.

No wonder our children are bullying one another in schools-they see the adults doing it to the teachers and one another.

Questioner said...

Well! Someone has been paying attention.

Anonymous said...

When Dr. Rudiak was a principal she had a real talent for getting and keeping parents on her side. Money was more plentiful then and key, active parents found positions with her help and volunteers supported a lot of programs.

Anonymous said...

While I believe Dr. Rudiak knows how to run a building, she certainly does not understand how to work with children outside of "easy" schools such as Phillips.

Dr. Rudiak turns a blind eye to the school administrator's inabilities 100%. She sees schools not performing well as being 100% the teacher's fault. Never mentioning the administrator's inability to make decisions, manage a building or manage discipline in the building. There are strong, dedicated teachers who have been successfully teaching in these schools for 5+ years. Now the same teachers are said to be "not up to par". Could she actually walk in the shoes of one of these teachers? I highly doubt it.

Has anyone looked at the managed curriculum? That's a different debate!

Something has to be done, our kids are the only ones suffering from these inept administrators. We're also loosing some outstanding teachers in the process.

I believe the best choice for our next district leader would be Regina Holley. She has been deep in the trenches of PPS with numerous years of successful teaching and administration. Most importantly students are her #1 priority and that's the way it's always been.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Lippert was only a teacher for a very brief time at Baldwin. She came there as a second careerist in her first teaching position, having previously been a physical therapist or occupational therapist at AGH. She left the medical field and went right through Pitt's Masters and Ed.D full time and went into Baldwin. She was living with French at the time, which part of the reason she was brought forward for a possible interview for a vp, with no experience in that role.

Anonymous said...

So, does that mean we have a physical therapist and a psychologist with out teaching or educational background leading the Pittsburgh Public Schools?

Could this be the reason that PPS is losing students, losing achievement, and losing credibility?

How can A+ Schools or Pittsburgh Foundations or just everyday citizens and parents of Pittsburgh students move us out of this predicament?

Anonymous said...

Yes, great logical choices in hiring for top echelon positions in PPS. Makes you feel real good about the direction of the district. At least the superintendent was in the classroom.

Uh, wait....

For just a year or two?

With 1st or 2nd graders?

And these people know what it is like in our schools????

Anonymous said...

ANON December 17, 2012 1:00 PM

She was living with French at the time-is this how we hire now- living together in some format.
If this was a male and female living together-this would be all over the place as wrong for HR to hire.
Today people parade around their relationship outside of school to get ahead within the system as means-do not try to rid me of my job-I have different rights.
I hope this is posted-as a parent
I am appalled to find living arrangements brought people into this system for paychecks.
We need hire for the right reasons called qualifications and expertise within the educational system.
I feel the Board is full of “agenda” people living in arrangements that are counterproductive to the educational system and using their “agenda” rights to stay in jobs and hire their “agenda” people to get paychecks.
The small percentages that are excellent at the Board of Ed do not have this protection “agenda” to survive with working with all this new found people that have so many jobs throughout thus Board of ED.
Many parents are concerned about the money going to the new “agenda People” and their relationship status with others.
Is this the new criteria as acceptability with jobs at the Board?
Again, a great small percentage are lost within the ranks here as parents have to deal with the “connection” of hiring with his criteria as acceptable in our society .