Monday, December 10, 2012

Principal/ bully

On the may 2012 post on this topic Anonymous wrote:

I am a first year teacher, and both the vp and prinicipals are bullies. I thought teaching was suppose to be about the success of the students! I was told today to either resign or apply for a transfer, not because I am doing a horrible job but because I am not doing what they want me to do. I stay for study hall on my own time but I was given a bad report because I don't stay the days they want me to. Also they pick at teachers for no reason.. I was told to our my data one place only to be told now its in the wrong location. I am sooooo stressed. It's not healthy and everyone is talking about transferring I hope something happens soon because I love my students. 


Questioner said...

Are you a PPS teacher?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to "empowerment" PFT style. I'm sure you are a great teacher-- we were all first years once -- suburban teachers even use the sports metaphor of rookies. Hnestly hope you make it-- but sadly have seen many talented leave because of rhe RISE induced bullying.

notateacher said...

Wish I could provide some advice. Bill Gates needs to come in and say not to worry, keep the money, but abandon all the processes put into place since the award was given. Then all staff trained by Broad has to stand together and say they plan to do the opposite of any practice they were taught at the Broad Institute. There must be principals who spend their off-time planning their next careers or an exit strategy. Can anyone with any education, training and compassion (at some point), enjoy being a professional bully?

Anonymous said...

Use Politicalification!
Document, document every little idiom or comment.

As a first year teacher, keep a daily diary-for personal use.

If necessary, take snapshots of computer directives as proof, or scan.

Keep detailed information for reference points.

Even as people state they want to rid teachers with seniority-they really want to rid any teacher that they can try to do as a stickem in a grave-it is moneyball for their pockets to solidify their stature.

You will be rated twice a year-without tenure. You are due to receive-some indication what is up for this semester ending in January.

Additionally, you can sell it in some as an open journal for consumption-it will be a great sell

But, do not let them sell you short.

Anonymous said...

As I read this article-I am hoping this man has dementia or is losing his marbles.....that sounds nasty-but what he was doing is for a nudist camp=he can afford to belong with his pension.

Plus, comes to a city park-not staying where he lives and roaming.

Can any person remember this nudist as an administrator?

Police charge former principal with roaming naked in park


Pittsburgh Public Schools hired Komoroski as a teacher in 1972, school spokeswoman Ebony Pugh said. He became principal of Carrick High School in 1997 where ...

Anonymous said...

He was brought into Allderdice when Cassandra Richardson-Kemp was "relieved" of her duties for the Giant Eagle card caper. He did an excellent job! He also served as a hearing officer/discipline for the Board after Allderdice. Obviously, he needs medical/mental help now.

Anonymous said...

In his time, he was one of the best principals this district has ever had. He fought for his school during principal meetings. He was a proactive administrator in the lives of students, many of whom were the very definition of the word apathetic.
I can't begin to speak of what is going on with him and would have to believe that in lieu of the full story, there is something wrong with him. That should not dissuade from the fact that he served this district very well. The style of management that he employed would be a refreshing, positive change if it were allowed to be in existence today.

I find all of this to be mind-numbing and wonder why education has these scenarios. This story. Andy King. Lellock. The countless teachers who have had illicit affairs with children. The rumors we hear of current administrators in the district cavorting around in lewd displays on company time.

Why? It is disturbing to me.