Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pittsburgh Promise update

From the PG:

The article mentions that 700 Promise recipients have graduated from 2 or 4 year programs since the Promise began in 2008.  In terms of measuring the program's impact, it would be good to know how many from Pittsburgh public schools graduated from a 2 or 4 year program in PA during the 5 years before the Promise was available. 

And, because the Promise may make it more likely for students to stay in PA for college, information on the total number and percentage of students graduating from 2 and 4 year programs pre- and post- Promise would also be relevant.

This type of information would provide real support for the headline announcing success.

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Anonymous said...

I find it fascinating that The Promise helped to engineer the idea of a 50% grade policy that get literally everyone on the proverbial pathway to the promise. But apparently, while many, many kids are taking advantage of the program, a large percentage is not making it through 4 years. As such, the Promise people have put together ridiculous 'stat packs' for each teacher to see let them know who is college ready and who is 'at risk.'
So let me get this straight. You ramrodded a ridiculous grading system down the throats of teachers and in the process, compromised any semblance of integrity. Now, you are coming back to them and asking them to devise a means that these same kids can stay in college by attaining good grades.
This district is so incredibly corrupt that it defies all imagination.
The Promise should have been a wonderful program for kids who understood and appreciated the need for education. Instead, it was destroyed by opportunistic PR hounds at the board.
What a complete and absolute joke.