Thursday, September 12, 2013

Waiting for PSSA scores

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"New Post -

When will Pittsburgh Public School Board Members demand to know whether or not PPS students improved or failed on this years PSSA?

The accountability will no longer be in place (no more AYP), so schools now can stretch out plans for improvement over the next six years and only improve by 50% to make AMO; but why did the past ten years not produce any improvement?

Will our kids ever learn in most PPS schools? This is a serious question.

If 10 years of highly, highly, highly paid consultants couldn't get improvement who and what will?

(PPS has the scores. They received them in June, three months ago. Why haven't they released them?)

Why can't PPS teach kids how to read and do math?"


Questioner said...

The "be careful what you wish for" angle of this article is strange- it seems to imply that if Penn Hills board members had known scores would be so bad they wouldn't have pushed to get PSSA results ASAP. But, it is actually important for Board members to have bad news sooner rather than later so that they can participate in steps to remedy the problem.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we had the same response, Questioner. It seems that those in administration miss the point of these assessments, entirely! (We really need to know precisely where we are in order to plan, to fill in the gaps, to move PPS forward with all due speed.)

It's not about covering it up, so that no one will know how bad it is. It's about learning as quickly as possible where action needs to be taken, asap. PPS students won't have a chance in ______ if we don't acknowledge the problems and do something about them NOW---or even better, last June when the results were received by the district.

Does anyone in PPS understand what a school district, teachers, and administrators are employed to do? Why can't PPS get it done???