Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lellock sentencing

On another post Anonymous wrote

New topic please--
Anyone seen any reporting on Mr. Lellock's sentencing? How do they's gonna happen, and then dont follow up? 


Anonymous said...

postponed until October 22.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that this article is from California and not our local papers.

Anonymous said...

will his sentencing end the story?

Anonymous said...

To Anon 5:49

His sentencing had better not end the story.

PPS central administrators knew just what Lellock did. And those administrators did nothing!

No, what they did was worse than nothing. When Roosevelt was in charge, Lellock was promoted to the prestigious position of superintendent's bodyguard.

Thank goodness for Disrict Attorney Zappala! Bless him. If it wasn't for Zappala, Lellock would still be in a police uniform, walking the halls of the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

This investigation should not be over. PPS central administrators, past and present, need to be held accountable for their actions.

Anonymous said...

spolar for 1 should be investigated.She got fazden fired because he knew to much and reported it.

Anonymous said...

Fact: Lellock was tried and convicted in three hours on every single count related to the child molestation of 4 children. The very same children he and others were sworn to protect.

Fact: During and sine the trial more children have come forward from high schools alleging being molested.

Fact: Teachers under oath at trial identified over 20 children, all males, whom Lellock removed and took "to the closet." Some were outside the statute of limitations and thus Lellock could not be prosecuted for them.

Fact: Pittsburgh Police testified it was the school police policy to refer these cases to them.

Fact: Lellock's statement read in open court admits Zangaro walked in as he and a male student were getting up off the floor.

Fact: Pittsburgh Police detective states in open court, public record, she was not given proper complete evidence in 1999. The detective interviewed the manager of Human Resources and the principal and was never told there were more children and teacher witnesses.

Fact: Spolar gave Lellock a 20-day paid suspension in 1999.

Fact: Today, October 22, 2013 the Judge sentenced Lellock to 32 to 62 years in prison.

Fact: Lellock was and is a monster, but so are the people who covered up and help facilitate his destruction of the lives of innocent children.

Fact: The district attorney needs to investigate Human Resources and School Board Members and School Staff who covered up and let Lellock continue to stalk his prey in a very fertile hunting ground.

The attorneys who aided in the Rooney cover up as well as incidents at Manchester, Oliver, Alderdice, CAPA, Westinghouse, Frick Sci Tech, Carrick, Woolslair need disbarred and prosecuted.

Fact: A Grand Jury uncovered what was going on at Penn State, we need one in Pittsburgh on the School District.

Questioner said...

It is strange that victims' attorneys are not looking into penn state like charges. Or maybe we just haven't heard about it yet.

Anonymous said...

Amen, amen the attorneys and administrators who covered up should get the same sentence as Lellock.

Anonymous said...

Key central administrators, Board lawyers and Board Members continue to believe in Lellock and support Lellock. Don't forget there were more votes to fire Fadzen than there were to fire Lellock. They did not go after Lellock's pension, but they tried to go after Fadzen's.

Anonymous said...


That was an excellent summary of the Lellock situation. Thank you for posting that.

If DA Zappala is not aware of all that you wrote, he should be. As you said, anyone that covers up for a monster is no better than that monster

Anonymous said...

Why has PPS and journalists protected him?

Anonymous said...

Lellock must have the "goods" on someone at PPS.

I wonder if the victims sued PPS? If the statute of limitations haven't run out, they should. PPS will try to keep that quiet with a confidentiality agreement. And yes, we do need a grand jury investigation. Maybe now Lellock will talk since he got major jail time.

Anonymous said...

Not able to ciite papers T the moment...but the PG (spolar protected) didnt mention it, but TRIB says yes-- at least two victims have filed suit against pps and administrators-- more infor to come in future.