Saturday, October 5, 2013

Test scores "are not the only thing"

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"Ms. Lane said the test scores matter, but they are not the only thing. She said district research of its graduates shows that the most important predictors of post-secondary education success are grade point average and attendance, not state test scores.

District officials raised several possibilities for the decline in PSSA scores, including the impact of budget cuts."

From today's PG:



Anonymous said...

Yes Dr. Lane... they arent... so by tearing apart elementary schools for scripting, test prep and worst practices- turn and talk for young unskilled students as an example-- you crafted these scores. Prior to your reign of Gates, students in Pittsburgh went to schools very similar to neighboring schools-- kids made art, learned music and art, heard stories in libraries, learned technology (not canned test prep programs)
stood on stages in plays-see Billy Porter's start at Reisenstein MIDDLE school, had sports program and athletic directors that set them up to be ready for high schools. This is what your plan ended.

Anonymous said...

You are correct, "test score are not the only thing." It is funny how this message is sent to the public but the teachers and principals in the district know the REAL TRUTH about what is happening with the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Since about 2005 (an esimation of year) NOTHING (with an exception of the Pittsburgh Promise) has worked! Please let me remind you :
1) Managed curriculums......Why can't the district purchase a curriculum and follow its implementation process that allows teachers to differentiate according to needs of students? Rather, the district would rather change the "Pathway/script" YEARLY and expect teachers successfully implement this garbage!

2) Many cahnges to Reading and Math at the elementary level

3) Wasted millions of dollars on "consultants" and outside influences that NEVER worked (i.e. Focus on Results, IFL, etc.)

4)RISE...what a joke, 5 years later and still cannot get anything consistent. In turn allows principals with "personal agendas" to reccommend termination. If you think principals follow the RISE process with fidelity, you are extremely naive because the do not!

5)PELA: WOW! may be the biggest joke of all, ex-teachers made into robots that have ZERO disciplinary skills....A PELA "graduate" that is on the news for breaking the law at a gym, etc. etc.

6) The "demolition" of a very successful elementary school (Minadeo)because a PELA was brought in to replace a successful leader.

7)"Buzz" words like: RIGORUOUS (give me a break, our students cannot even do basic facts and we want to make their work even more difficult before they even know basics)....DATA DRIVEN (Really?...What ever happen to looking at a students assessment and giving them extra opportunities to work with teachers before or after school to help them improve?...No, the district has to implement all of these "Researched Based" methods that cost millions of dollars to implement.)....That leads to the buzz words RESEARCHED BASE (Are you freeking kidding me, any half way intelligent person knows that all research can be countered with research that proves different.) Many more obnoxious buzz words like: "let me push back" ( principal favorite)

I am sure there are many things that have occured over the last 8 or so years but I am so angry right now writing this that I am going to quit.

If you are a parent of a Pittsburgh Public School student and you are reading this, do the following if you care about your childs education:

1) Contact the district and ask about the sudden change in the elementary reading curriculum.

2) Ask to see a copy of the "Pathway" that teachers have to use when teaching (it is so long and scattered that it is impossible to follow)

3) Ask why the district spends millions and millions of dollars on consultants instead of physical resources for your childs education.

NOTHING is going to change until this regime is OUT!


Anonymous said...

Dr. Lane didn't mention the ugly truth - that the Gates' grant actually required the very reductions and school closings that she bemoans as possible reasons for the sharp decline in PSSA scores.

Anonymous said...

Lane must retire. Lippert needs to go!

Anonymous said...

When you say Lane and Lippert must go just remember that it's our Board Members that keep them in their positions. Our Board had their vision clouded by the thought of a Roosevelt being at the helm and the big money of Gates. Neither has helped advance the achievement of our schools. Lane and Lippert continue the same failed path but I fault the Board Members for allowing this absurdity.

Anonymous said...

With the Pittsburgh Promise up and running, PPS was the perfect district for Gates. Gates now has the ability to track student data from kindergarten through college. Without the Promise that data collection would have stopped after a student graduated high school.

Anonymous said...

With the low test scores, are they still giving bonuses to administrators this year?

Anonymous said...

Probably-- they are rewarded for following their they put enough on plans etc.Goodcsoldier PELAS will get rewarded. It certainly isnt on well run schools, or scores

Questioner said...

Budget cuts are blamed even though Pps has one of the highest expenditures per student in the state.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall the Post Gazette publishing principal bonuses for the last two years as they had in the past. I thought that the grant for admin bonuses ran out so PPS was not making any kind of distribution. If they did publish principal bonuses for 2011-12 were they in the Post or made public on the PPS website? Where can the public find such information?

PPSparent said...

One of the last times they published them, they only published a few. I contacted the reporter and was told that they weren't publishing the whole list, nor would they email it out.

There was no explanation given as to why they had in the past published all the information in a chart and then chose not to that year.

Anonymous said...

Then where is the transparency and accountability that PPS claims? Parents, the public and teachers have a right to know. I suggest that Ebony Pugh needs to have her office flooded with calls until PPS makes principal and Central Admin Officers bonuses a matter of public record.

Anonymous said...

Is there actual data by school posted anywhere? I looked at schools (Minadeo & Allderdice) on PPS website and did not see any test results.

They use to be posted.

Anonymous said...

Lies, inside and out, all lies, Just admit that testing is the only aspect of education that counts in this pathetic district. If testing is not the only thing, then why can't a high school student get a high school degree if the student does not pass the Keystone exams?