Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pittsburgh online academy

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"To anyone who has cildren at Pittsburgh Online Academy or any online educational delivery system.In K-12 the student needs to see teachers face to face, learn through the classroom environment, create and learn and build build friendships, meeting deadlines and basically how to navigate a structured environment.Not many legal careers allow you to do what you want when you want. Their first job is not the place to learn those skill sets.You have Investors targeting your school districts who PPS pays over $12,000 to the charter more than it takes the school district to educate in the online charter. The quality and delivery method have been proven diasterous with a huge turnover rate. Some kids have to even repeat a grade. If a student goes to charter outside PPS they pay about a little more than $12,000 a year.Dr. Lane opens up an educational delivery system she known as flawed. It called Pittsburgh Online Academy. This is their second year. They have 15 out of about 95 doing year 2. The school district pays a company to staff this. This year they are at about 132 students. The principal Shemeca Crenshaw had a reign of terror at Weil and Westnghouse prior to going to the online academy. Teachers were begging for transfers out. She built quit a reputation suspending record numbers of students. Now Westinghouse was VERY low performing school with an huge attendance problem and now you add on more days for the student to miss to show her authority. I assume she never heard of detention because are the at risk kids that can't afford to miss.

She ended up at Pittsburgh Cyber Academy this year, She launched Pittsburgh Online Academy.This Year she has 132 online students. The first year this was reported by Eleanor Cute in April 2013 " While the Pittsburgh Online Academy has had 144 students in grades 6-12 since it opened last fall, only 47 are still enrolled. That includes only 17 of the original 55.

But I have had some interctions with her upfront and personal.She told a student less than a week ago she taped all his phone calls. Thats against state law unless she gets permission and she accuses me of falsification since she did not get the release for me to get information she provided me.This was at Pittsburgh Online Academy. Then I got information on the previos PSSA testing it was so bad I wasn't helping him stay there.

VLN Partners is the vendor that provides all the equipment and works with the school on curriculum. VLN hires adjunct teachers with no benefits, very young and inexperienced and ususlly zero online education education in teaching online typicly pays $30,000 and they get a 1099. The company only has 7-10 employees.

So PPS pays VLN $5000. If they had to pay an outside charter here is a quote from the Post Gazette Charter schools are public schools for which the home school districts pay a fee set by the state. For Pittsburgh residents, the district must pay $12,871 a year for a regular student and $27,924 for one in special education.o what that means is the PPS set up an online charter and knows it will NEVER deliver acceptable numbers just to get the bodies back at a savings of $7,871. The school should be educating parents on results nationwide, they always finish below standards. 100% of online students finihed below standards based on a University. Someone needs to exlain that this delivery system is the worst of all available measures, but no they open one"


Anonymous said...

The Discover PPS page for pgh online reports 98 students in grades 4-12 and I believe the numbers are updated at the beginning of every month for each school's page. If these 98 kids would otherwise NOT be in school is it safe to say online is a good investment?

Mark Rauterkus said...

Withou a by line, this type of posting has little weight. But it could be as naw ball on the ice bergs tip.