Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jamie Aquino / new teachers center

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"new topic please-- Jaime Aquino and New Teacher's Center
"While Los Angeles' corporate media bemoans scoundrel Jaime Aquino's resignation, replete with descriptions of tears from fellow Broadyte John Deasy, "
Wow-- SCOUNDREL! Some one has been paying attention to robust vocabulary


Questioner said...

On another post anonymous wrote:

"More on Jaime Aquino From

" Jaime came to speak to the arts teachers when he was newly hired and bluntly stated that he had shut down arts schools in the past for teaching “frivolous arts activities”.
As if Broad policies haven't hurt our schools enough

New Board please-- you can do so much better than more Broadies"

Questioner said...

On another post anonymous wrote:

'Aquino explained how and why the district selected the brand-new—and untested—curriculum from education publishing giant Pearson, and how he thinks it will help the district with its transition to the Common Core State Standards

So not only a Broadie but used to work for Pearson
just when you thought it couldnt get any worse...

Anonymous said...

It seems our "new" Board members are going the way of the "old" Board members and allowing Broad and Gates to continue "influencing" hires who will advance their agendas. At first, I though we had a new day, but it seems it is the same old same old again. Too bad... PPS is doomed.

Anonymous said...

Will the PPS BOARD actually hire Jaime Aquino's NEW TEACHER CENTER? It is NOT likely if they look at his record.

Jaime Aquino is BROAD-TRAINED!

The announcement was made separate from the Agenda that was presented. Why"

Hopefully, the PPS Board will have this week to consider the ramifications. His record is not a good one here in Pittsburgh. His work as manager of the America's Choice Program was devastating to the low-achieving students in the ALAs! The results speak for themselves. Check out the Fordham Fdn's in-depth study of the ALAs.

The at least seven plus people from BROAD who have come to Pittsburgh on the heels of Mark Roosevelt who had no educatioal certifications whatsoever. The Broad-trained people have taken PPS on a nose dive into oblivion. PPS is doomed (and you have to wonder if that was the purpose) if it does not break free of the Broad/Gates influences.

America's Choice was a disaster for Pittsburgh's underserved students. The BROAD people led that tragedy, at least four (or more) of them. Our current two Assistant Superintendents promoted America's Choice and catered to every whim of Jaime Aquino.

PPS tossed all caution and diminishing achievement to the winds. However, there is a new Board of Directors who seem to be astute. This week's Legislative meeting will reveal the current level of knowledge, research, and concern for the students being left behind in Homewood, the Hill District and the Northside.

Anonymous said...

She'll fit right in.
Another individual who represents another brick in the wall. Just another way to kill urban education.

It's an awesome era, isn't it? A "philanthropist" can impact an area that should not be influenced by any one person. Not only is it ethically wrong, but it's dangerous, as well.

But like Roosevelt before her, Lane has embraced this path. Take the money. Take the notoriety that comes with such an association. Forsake true knowledge which has not been influenced for a few dollar more.

What a shame. What a dark day for Pittsburgh's kids.

We lose charlatans to other districts, and replace them with more. Individuals who have no clue about the classroom.

Anonymous said...

Is something that is already decided or does the board still have to vote? Also, does anyone know how this center is used? Do all new teachers coming to Pittsburgh go through the center? Scary to think that soon there will no one left to question them! Brainwashed central office overseeing brainwashed "new" trained teachers. This s like a horror movie where everyone is turning into zombies!

What ideas do we have to get info about Broads takeovers out to the community? It seems that some districts got wise and shipped these folks out, like in L.A.? Isn't that why Aquino has this new job? I'm pretty sure he got fired or left his position in an L.A. public school when they overthrew the mostly Broads trained administration.

Questioner said...

Practically every Broad initiative has failed, but we continue to get more Broad. Only when we the public take responsibility to thoroughly vet Board candidates and to elect Board members that are beyond the influence of special perks, deals to protect or benefit their own districts, or flattery by big names or organizations, will we be rid of Broad experimentation.

Questioner said...

Unfortunately there is a dearth of candidates. There are high salaries and bonuses for administrators, bonuses for principals and PRC and other teachers, generous contracts to consultants, but Board members are expected to devote endless hours regardless of any compensation at all- it doesn't add up. Payin Board members would be an affirmation of respect, would make it possible for a wider range of people to serve, and would make it less likely that members would consciously or unconsciously seek other forms of compensation for their time and effort.