Monday, June 16, 2014

When teachers could actually teach

On another post Anonymous wrote:


This interview in today's P-G is with Allderdice grad Sharon Epperson. She gives credit to former Allderdice teacher Marsha Tharp (English/journalism). Sharon attended back in the day when teachers could actually teach and not "teach" to a script. Sharon attended Harvard and Columbia and is currently senior energy and personal finance correspondent for CNBC."


Anonymous said...

WOW! WOW! and WOW!

Yes! I remember when teaching at Allderdice and other schools in PPS was autonomous and of the highest standard. Every day was enlightening for ALL---- teachers, students and administrators. The journey was fulfilling and productive!

There is no real reason to have lost that kind of experience!

Mr.Sunshine said...

Some teachers still teach.
At places like Obama, where teachers have the task of doing things the IB way before the drivel which is PPS curriculum.
In the rooms of veteran teachers who know what an injustice people like Geri Lippert and Judy Johnston have provided to PPS students---teachers who risk their livelihoods on a daily basis.

What a complete joke this has all become. A superintendent who is more concerned about accruing billionaire dollars. A mayor who wishes to be all things to all people at all times (Hey Bill, just when will you announce your intentions to run for governor in four years). Advocacy groups that do the bidding of central administration. A union that rolled over long ago and has zero power. A parent basis that *still* views teachers as the problem because, let's face it....50% isn't enough. All kids should be earning B grades, whether they deserve it or not.

I'll continue to advise any parent who is considering a move to PPS to look elsewhere, and I will point to myriad articles from central administration as my proof. I'll continue to advise any young person who is contemplating a teaching career to look elsewhere. There's more money and there's more peace of mind.

What a complete joke this profession---this district---is.

Anonymous said...

Just a question please, does the school board not meet in summer? The June and July calendar pages only show meetings for the Take a Father to School Day?

Questioner said...

They do meet, you have to go to Board of Directors and then Calendar:

Anonymous said...


JAIME AQUINO, another BROAD trained executive is coming to Pittsburgh to set up a NEW TEACHER CENTER.

At tonight's Agenda Review, Linda Lane made the announcement; BUT it was a last minute addition to the Agenda and was NOT included on the document that w as downloaded from the website prior to the meeting.

Jaime Aquino was brought to Pittsburgh in 2008 by Mark Roosevelt. He was an Executive for America's Choice and was in charge of the Northern cities' America's Choice Schools know in Pittsburgh as the ALAs. These ALAs or Accelerated Learning Academies which unfortunately were unable to accelerate learning in the eight Pittsburgh schools.

Another BROAD person, Christiana Otuwa, who supervised the ALAs in Pittsburgh and the became a PPS Assistant Superintendent is leaving PPS for a position in Rochester.

So, one BROAD person is leaving, but another TWO BROAD persons are coming into PPS.

Mark Roosevelt, Linda Lane, Christiana Otuwa, Marni Pastor, Donna Micheaux and now Jaime Aquino have ALL been BROAD-trained executives sent to Pittsburgh by the Broad-Gates super-powers!

Anonymous said...

Jaime Aquino and the NEW TEACHER CENTER has ALL of the big money backers: BROAD, PEARSON, and GATES!

It is a crying shame that all of this money has not bought academic success for our most vulnerable students.

So what is the real purpose of these big money wheeler/dealer philanthropic corporations?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Questioner, as always, proving to be helpful and so good at your "job" of serving subscribers. I was thrown because the main page calendar included the board meetings in prior months but not for June or July.

Anonymous said...

It used to be that you could review the minutes of board meetings. I can't seem to find them anywhere anymore, at least, not in a updated sense.
Anyone know where I can find them?

Anonymous said...

forgive me, but wasn't the new teacher center scrapped? no money?

Anonymous said...

This is the "NEW TEACHER CENTER" under the direction of Jaime Aquino, the former General Manager for the America's Choice Accelerated Learning Academies.

There is a great deal of money for such external consultants. The Broad/Gates money which does not translate to a PPS internal teacher center. There is no district money for our schools, teachers and students. There is only huge amounts of money from philanthropists who specify that the money must be used in ways that they dictate. that