Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Arne Duncan visiting Pittsburgh

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I was never drinking the Peduto Kool aid. I think he is a snake oil salesman on par with Roosevelt. His obsession with PPS & his task force worry me and now this??!!!
He is definitely evil! Meeting with Arne Duncan!??



Anonymous said...

Okay then do you want Ravenstahl back who stole money from the tax payers to pay his security when he went to the night clubs at night. Give him a chance!

Anonymous said...

He flew to Seattle to meet with Gates, came back to Pittsburgh to form a task force which is straight out of Gates play book. This has led to Mayoral control of school board in other cities. Also has professed desire to act as "mediator" in upcoming PFT contract negotiations. And now Arne Duncan, a known union hater among othet things. Peduto will work to continue the agenda of Broad/Gates to "reform" PPS. Mark my words. I hope I'm wrong, but I know I'm not.
After his meeting with Gates, he was quoted all over the place saying "what a shame it would be to lose this generous gift of the Gates money" This was in reference to the disagreement over the cut scores when Gates was threatening to take away the rest of the money. If he had talked to teachers, he would realize the Gates money is not a "generous gift" but rather an insidious virus destroying public education. So is he ignorant or in cahoots?
And what does Ravenstahl have to do with anything? So my choice is accept a shady, fame whore who may cause further damage to our schools and just be glad it's not Ravenstahl?

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh is the model of buying into this "reform" hook, Line & sinker.

Other districts like Seattle saw through this mess a few years into the farce.

Pittsburgh keeps doubling down on failed policies. I am so disappointed in Obama & Duncan regarding education. I can't imagine what will happen if the tea party gets their mitts on public education.

Mark Rauterkus said...

As to the worries about Education with the Tea Party, a straw man if there ever was one, I'd say just focus on the disappointment from Obama and Duncan.

The end game should be with the FEDS in a limited if not absent role with education. Sure, the courts and the justice department have their roles, but the POTUS (Pres of the US) shouldn't matter much at all.

The Governor, different story.

The wealthy few have a harder time buying educational directions if they need to do it state by state.

As for Mayor Peduto, time will tell. Tick, tick, tick, tick..... The waiting has been painful so far. Come on already.

Anonymous said...

You've only partly described the problem, Mark.
You've forgot the corruption which has come from money. Sure, any teacher knows that what Gates has wrought is nothing along the lines of philanthropy but rather, political influence to advance an agenda.
We can argue until the cows come home as to what that money actually accomplished.
Does the Roosevelt/Lane administration actually believe in the evaluation system or was it simply duplicitous in accepting a huge amount of cash from a 'name figure?'
What has this agenda truly done to the education of our kids?
To what degree has this money and notoriety led to the sacrifice of academic integrity? The administration largely demolished it and has local media and foundation heads backing it.

But It hasn't just been Gates money. Every month you can see the number of grants and financial support coming in from numerous directions.

Let's not forget those who write tests like Keystones and PSSA's. Let's not for a moment forget the billion dollar industry it has become---now including preparatory materials for schools, as well.

Education is only pure when it is unencumbered by outside influence. This district is saddled with too much influence.

And now, we have individuals like Peduto dipping his toe into the proceedings where he has no place. Ask yourself why? What is the endgame? Is he simply giddy to have a name like Gates attached to the local school district, or is he posturing?

I gave up on national government long ago, but there is trouble right here in river city. There are so many political hacks like Duncan and Peduto going around that we've all forgotten what education should be, indeed, what a pure education is.

Anonymous said...

Here's the PG article