Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hires from out of state

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What's up with all the new Elementary hires? At my building I have so far met 2 teachers, new to the district, from other states!
There were more today from other schools at our trainings.
I thought we furloughed elementary teachers. Even if we didn't, we have an extensive eligibility list that include subs and PPS grads, etc, who would have priority over new out of state hires.
Are they TFA or some kind of Gates/ Broads temp workers? Has anyone else noticed this? What is the unions role in investigating this?
It just gives me a bad feeling, like it's the next step in replacing us all with out of state temp workers, TFA style. "


Yep its me said...

I agree...met one from new york and 2 from central pa in my building but its not an elem building

Anonymous said...

Forgive me if I am using the wrong terms but I am just a parent and only watch the board meetings to learn the little I can from the conversations. Jody Spolar answered lots of questions in 2013-14 meetings about the eligibility list and the company either hired to do vetting of teacher candidates from the list. I don't recall the details but the questions might have included why the company was not local and why the vetting could not be done in-house. The selection of the company could have been deliberate to prep for non-local new hires now. (On a positive note non-local new hires could be a way to remove any shadow of nepotism, cronyism or favoritism.)

This situation is not new; if you watch a current meeting and listen to ideas that require a vote, months from now you will see something related come up that may have been set up by the first vote.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Woodland Hills has a teacher shortage on day 1 of school.

That would be a worry.

When were the teachers hired? April? June? August?

HR has been a target of complaints, but not this one ever from me about where a teacher comes from. Pittsburgh has exported hundreds of young teachers in the past decades to other districts.

I also hope some of them can coach sports other than LAX. (Joke)

Anonymous said...

Remember that there is still a teacher shortage in HS subjects like math, science, and foreign languages. If one of the new teachers is in one of these subject areas, that's probably why.

When it comes to elementary teachers, though, I'm at a loss. No idea why there'd be new hires. Certainly not everyone who was furloughed has a job, right? Or might this be the case after all?

An re coming from out of state, I guess it's possible that out of state teachers could have been on the eligibility list even being out of state, right?

Anonymous said...

No this is elementary and they are young, fresh out of college, out of state. Seems suspect to me. Never heard of PA importing out of state elementary teachers. Most have to leave the state to get work. There are long term subs who have been on list for years, who know are kids & really want jobs. I don't trust this.
I would call Nina but she seems too busy praising our arch nemesis Duncan in the PG. HR is and always has been shady in terms of staffing and the PFT does not really seem to want to intervene.

Yep its me said...

HR is super shady. ...

Anonymous said...

A+ is doing the survey calls again and I wonder if the idea is to get more volunteers or to use the results of the two questions to continue to say the public wants good teaching and an evaluation system? Parent conference day is around the corner. If A+ is looking for a new effort perhaps they can start a campaign to get parents who have never attended a school event into the buildings that day. Reaching active parents is easy, reaching those who never participate is the key.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I have worked in the district for 10 years as a substitute teacher. I have worked at various schools within the district with many long term sub-positions and a yearlong contracted positions. I have watched new hires from outside of the district come in and receive contracts. I have also watched student teachers come and suck at their teaching experience and they are already hired by the district. It is frustrating.

Principals, teachers, and visiting district staff are still taken aback when they see me still in a sub position. They ask why aren't you hired? My reply, I ask myself the same thing.

The state of the district is going to shit with this situation. I contact the Union and Mr. Grant tells me that there is a specific formula that the district uses.. Blowing smoke really. I contact people at the district offices and they never reply. It is BEYOND FRUSTRATING!!!

Anonymous said...

4:22, I am sorry to hear your situation and not at all surprised that the union is not helping you. The union seems to have forgotten that they are our employees. They are accountable to US! Until we hold them accountable for not doing their jobs by not paying them anymore of our money, they are not going to go out of their way to help us. Especially when it comes to dealing with HR.

I know many subs in your situation. I suspect there are economic factors involved. As a sub with 10 years experience you would be hired at a much hire salary. I believe subs earn movement on the salary schedule for years of service. They would rather hire a new person who will start at the bottom of the pay scale than shell out the money for a dedicated, experienced person such as yourself. It is disgraceful how little regard PPS has for the students and staff when it comes to saving a few bucks.

The PFT will not fight for you, if it means ruffling too many feathers at the board. I have had so many bad experiences with the PFT in my 11 years, that I am "firing" them. When I have needed help from them, they did not deliver. Often I ended up doing their job for them. I realized that it no longer made sense to pay someone who was not actually working for me in any capacity. When the contract expires, teachers can opt to stop having dues deducted. I read somewhere that you can sue to have the deductions stopped even before the old contract expires. When I hear about situations such as yours or about the crisis at U prep, I have to wonder why so many people continue to give them their money.
Nina is worried about us marching for UPMC or boycotting Staples because of the working conditions while the teachers who pay her salary are not being advocated for. It really is awful. I hope you can find a district that will appreciate what you have to offer. I would not expects anything from PPS or PFT. Nina is so far up Lane's backside, she may as well just let Lane & Peduto write our new contract. Best of luck to you.