Saturday, September 6, 2014

Assistant superintendent

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Does anyone know anything about Dr. Allison Huguley? She has been around my building stopping in classrooms and introduced as Assistant Superintendent. I looked back at the info that was posted and released in PG about staffing changes and saw her name for a position of chief academic officer or something like that. No where was any info naming her as Assistant Superintendent. I thought Micheaux was Deputy Super? How is Assistant Super different and not redundant??!! I checked in my staff handbook and Dr. Huguley is listed as Assistant Super. So does anyone know when this came about or any info about this person? All I can find is that she is a recent grad and doesn't appear to be from Broad's academy, which is shocking. Anyone know anything?"


Questioner said...

A recent grad as in a recent undergraduate or graduate degree and limited classroom or even administrative experience? (!)

Anonymous said...

She is a recent Harvard grad and is also connected with Broad/Gates. She is an Assistant Superintendent along with May-Stein, Ware-Allen, Walters, Bivins, Frieze. Micheaux is Deputy Superintendent (next in line to the Supt.) Sims has replaced French as Chief of School Performance.

There is little information about any teaching or administrative experience. She is young to have had experience beyond Harvard. She is learning as she goes from those around her.

Anonymous said...

She mentioned in the article that announced all the assistant superintendent changes.

Anonymous said...

She graduated from Harvard last year and was married to James Huguley last December who also is just graduating from Harvard.

She seems like a nice young lady, not arrogant like some to cover their inexperience. Maybe she will be more helpful than those who like to act like they know it all.

Anonymous said...

Huguley just graduated from doctoral program and appears young. I assume she has limited actual work experience beyond internships. She does not seem old enough to have acquired work experienced in between undergrad/ grad. Seems fishy, another inexperienced outsider in a high level leadership position. She has been in my building a lot this year.
Central office is just shady. I'm sure there is one ulterior motive somewhere. Likely she is controllable b/c she is is high paid job that she is unqualified for, so sge will comply with being Lane's puppet/ henchman.
Where else is a fresh out of school newbie going to become 2nd in command of large school district. Or being groomed as Lanes replacement if Michaeux doesn't pan out. There seems to be an infinite parade of new brainwashed robots ready to replace any of the current brainwashed robots who are running things now. It's like whac-a-mole. We get rid of one and 2 more pop up!!
A little of topic, but how about that welcome back video with Linda Lane!!?? It's on the website and we had to show it to the students. It's hilarious how stiff and uncomfortable Lane is in her interactions with our children. She looks so out of place. I would love to see her spend a day in any of our schools with our children and families. She just appears really out of touch and fake.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right, but it seems that if she was nice, helpful, or possessed any positive leadership ability, Lane & Company would have no use for her.

Just like they did with PELAS, central office has a pattern of moving relatively inexperienced people into high paying, upper level positions. This effectively creates a highly controllable team of robots to do your bidding (as it did with PELAS)

They will not risk losing these jobs by questioning any orders because they know they will never find another employer who will offer the same pay & title to someone with little to no experience.

Anonymous said...

Alison McKenzie Huguley was also trained at the "NYCLA - NYC Leadership Academy . . . which pairs and prepares aspiring principals with aspiring assistant principals to take on the challenges of school improvement in New York City public schools."

It seems very ill-advised to make someone an ass't superintendent who has not been a principal. Was she ever a teacher, an academic teacher? For how long, I wonder?

A Harvard doctorate would indicate she is bright; as many of the new young administrators are at PPS. But, even a true educator needs to have depth in experience that leads to expertise needed to be any kind of superintendent. These folks at PPS just do not have what is needed, YET. Maybe in another 10 years they could handle the position; but, now we PPS need someone who knows how to run an urban district?

Anonymous said...

Why does PPS have to be the training ground for all of the bright and beautiful, astute and ambitious young people with elite educations! Name one that has stayed more than a year or two.

Its a disconnect at all levels. They mean well, but its a short term experiment!

The underserved kids in Pittsburgh need urban centered, real life, long term educators!

Anonymous said...

I'm so tired of this! More of the same. The irony is Peduto and Lane talk about keeping talent here in Pittsburgh. However most upper level administrative positions go to people from outside the City of Pittsburgh despite having qualified, non-crony canidates here in the city. I understand their rationale but it is only fueling the flight of tax paying residents. Both the Mayor and Superintendent of the Pittsburgh Public Schools have agendas. Nothing is objective.

Yep its me said...

I agree. I apply out of the district for every position I can. I refuse to kiss ass for an admin job nor will I cave for people who have never taught. PPS has turned into what will you do for me instead of what will you do for the the latter so if I stay I will always just teach. When really I would be better leading the way.

Questioner said...

Would you hire an inexperienced new graduate for other positions- to handle a critical lawsuit, or develop a major construction project, or serve as a top government official (mayor? We tried that one!).

Maybe as an aid to a highly successful and experienced senior person, but we are still looking for real success at PPS. So why is this type of hire OK in the field of education?

Anonymous said...

It is okay because nobody questions or stops them. They are accountable to no one.

Anonymous said...

Alison Huguley has about 12 years experience in New York City schools, 6 as a special ed teacher and another 6 as a principal. I believe she turned her school in Harlem around, which is why Harvard was interested in her in the first place. She's a nice person and a good hire for the city. I'm not sure why we wouldn't want someone like that here.