Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lack of consistent policy on lockdowns and evacuations

On another post Anonymous wrote:

new again topic-- unequal treatment
Threat at Sheridan school called a "hoax"
So we evacuate three schools a week ago but for this school we do a LOCKDOWN???
Sorry but even the scenic suburbs evacuate for bomb threats-- even hoaxes-- how does a LOCKDOWN help in a bomb threat???"


Mark Rauterkus said...

A lockdown could help because locked doors would prevent a bomb from entering the building.


If there is confidence that the building is clean, and the threat is a hoax, then spending the day at school learning makes sense to me. The school would be safer.

I don't so much want a consistent policy as much as I want the right decisions made. I don't care for mandatory minimum sentences either.

Do what needs to be done. Make the right call. Teach the kids. Repeat tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Good point Mark-- I remember when as teachers we had to "review" our own area since only we would know what was an unknown object-- there was an intercom code for this. Of course this was after a string of unfounded threats.
I guess with some of the administrators today there is a fear that decisions are made on "perceptions and show" rather than strong decisions made wisely. Judgement calls are rough when trust is low.

Anonymous said...

This school district does not plan things out! These kids should had been evacuated! Hoax? What if it was not a hoax? We would have dead children right now and morning family. Golly

Mark Rauterkus said...

Question above: Hoax?
Answer: Yes.

This is history. We know the outcome.

It is hard to talk to those who are putting themselves in some alternative universe. I'm trying to live in this universe.

Every classroom has an educational plan, lesson plans. These would all go into the toilet if the school's classrooms are emptied.

Today, we don't have dead children right now. We have smarter kids because their classroom plan was followed yesterday.

I expect everyone to stay vigilant while certain individuals have the responsibility to make the decisions of stewardship for safety.

Anonymous said...

I don't need to know who called the threats in. I would appreciate knowing that the juvenile found to have made the threats involving West Liberty, Pioneer and South Brook will get the support and help he needs. Furthermore it would help to know what prompted him to make the threats.

Does anyone know who is involved in assessing any threats?