Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Grants expiring

Anonymous wrote:


Any doubt about who is being primed as the new Superintendent for PPS? 
Donna Micheaux? "


Anonymous said...

A a resident of the city and just a casual observer of pps, the next super has to be a fresh face with no direct connection to anyone in a current position.

Anonymous said...

And she seeks approval to fund 10-15 positions now paid under grants. More taxpayer money to fund non-teaching positions. With grants expiring, now is the time to clean house and save money. I thought the school district is going broke down the road?

I also thought the teachers' contract is up in June? We haven't heard anything about that. Lane will cry, "We're going broke, no raises for the teachers," but they will find the money for those 10-15 positions.

Anonymous said...

Forget getting a fresh face. The fox is already in the hen house.

Anonymous said...

Donna Micheaux was stolen in the dark of night from Wilkinsburg before anyone could spell her name!

Anonymous said...

The next superintendent is a Broad graduate who is meeting with Gates monthly. She has been an administrator in Texas that is a state NOT a standards state. She has many many connections in Pittsburgh where she was a special ed teacher. There are a lot questions not asked or answered by the school board in Pittsburgh. The trend in academic achievement has been on a slide down, down, down in this city for the last ten years. The future is not looking good at this time! In fact, it looks really bad without much hope for change.

Anonymous said...

Watch for:
-Broadie Super
-contract to be on hold/ extended so that the union doesnt deal with Lane
-supervisors not being replaced by certified supervisors but by Young happy "program officers" who dont legally need qualifications

Anonymous said...

Donna M. was given to Wilkinsburg by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit which had been trying to keep tabs on Wilkinsburg for many years. It was just a temporary commitment that lasted on a few months. Its hard to say she was "stolen" when she was in Pittsburgh at the beginning of lengthy list of other places!

Anonymous said...

Program officers, program managers, project managers, project directors, directors, executive directors, lots of titles for people who are not certified, don't have background or experience, etc.

Just too many unqualified young people who keep changing positions and titles - none of which have the SKILLS to provide services that will EDUCATE Pittsburgh kids.

What a travesty for Pittsburgh!

Its downright criminal!

Anonymous said...

Not hard to say she was 'stolen' 9:13 when she was recruited and hired by L.Lane herself to the surprise of Wilkinsburgh officials

Anonymous said...

Yes GRANT MONEY runnig out not one penny was use to address the high drop out and absentism rate in PPS among other issues I saw amount of dollars PPS recieve through grants more than some school districts budget oh maybe misuse of funds this spending money like running WATER on anything !!!!

Anonymous said...

The grooming of L.Lane's successor began with L.Lane herself

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't need GRANT MONEY for drop outs and absentees if Pittsburgh schools were places that children could thrive. That's what schools are supposed to be-places where children are safe, and expecting teachers and administrators to take them to the next steps in learning how to think and get the skills needed to be successful adults.

When schools FAIL children over and over and blame it on the kids, the adults are the failures and the kids are doing the only thing they can do-and that escape the bad situation or join it!

Anonymous said...

You are singing to the choir 8:19
and while the chorus refrain remains reform.... PPS is grooming L.Lane successor under the auspices of Broad/Gates and funded monies.

As 5:15 has suggested: Who's the "fresh face with no direct connection to anyone in a current position?"

Without a challenger there is no choice...

Anonymous said...

Why are you all looking for ONE person to rise up and challenge the system that none of you have been successful at challenging?

It will take a UNITED effort from respected groups, institutions, politicians, etc. PIIN, the Mayor's office, etc. haven't even made a dent at PPS! The entire community is weak! No one section of the city can do anything, that seems be obvious, doesn't it?

Broad and Gates have the whole city by the tail and keep on swinging it. Its all about the money!

Anonymous said...

The PG article ends with this hope:"Board member Regina Holley said she hopes the district has learned from the grants and the district has people “who can do the work regardless of whoever leaves or stays.”

This needs to be the Headline and not a closing statement. The fiduciary responsibility of any board member is to make this argument to the public as often and as loudly as needed.

Regina Holley was elected by the public on the promise of change and sadly her voice has been less than a standard bearer.

A united effort needs to be lead by leaders______but of course 10:40 you have heard this loud and clear.

Anonymous said...


Communities, respected groups and institutions are only as strong and impactful as their leaders.

A flat organization ie, no leadership,ends up with little responsibility and accountability.

History tells us that ONE person can rise up and challenge a failing system.

Anonymous said...

CERTAINLY, ONE person can rise up and challenge a system! The results of such a challenge, to this point, have been counterproductive. The "system" proceeds to overrun, denigrate, disrespect the ONE in ways that put the children even further "at risk" in schools.

The "excuses" and PR campaigns that factually, if not deliberately, “mis-represent" at an even greater pace when challenges are raised. And, the fact that challenges are raised is squelched.

History shows us that the ONE person, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Carter G. Woodson, and Thurgood Marshall, and others challenged the system, some 50-to 60 years ago but have not changed education for huge numbers of children.