Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cost of Superintendent Search

Anonymous wrote:


Why are we paying $100,000 for a "national" search for a new superintendent when we know that Donna Micheaux will be the new superintendent? She is already at Bellefield.

This reminds me of the time when Allderdice needed a new principal and a "national" search was supposedly conducted. The "national" search found Robert Scherrer nearby at Woodland Hills School District! Save our $100,000 and stop the smoke and mirrors. "


Questioner said...

It does seem kind of ridiculous- with social media it would probably be easy to reach pretty much all reasonable candidates in less than 24 hours, for free.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time we had a local in the position?

Anonymous said...

We have other proven leaders who have demonstrated high degrees of competence, integrity, intelligence and knowledge, experience, expertise in URBAN PITTSBURGH and with Pennsylvania Core Standards & Systems

Common sense tells us that these will be the best Superintendent choices for our City of Pittsburgh. Their demonstrated commitment is to Pittsburgh's students. We will NOT get these qualities from a national search or allegiance to Gates or Broad Foundations.

Our internal Principals/Assistant Superintendents will not be out-classed or out-qualified by external candidates unless the "fix" is already in.

Anonymous said...

The non natives have a rather rough history-- Dale Frederick, Roosevelt, Thompson. The natives- if we are looking at teams have been stronger--Brennan,Dr. Faison, Jerry Olson,Kiskunis, or at least they seemed like they worked as hard as the teachers, parents, and students. That kinda work ethic -- being on top of things showed strength. When there was an incident, they were there, Prescence goes a LONG way in this town.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lewis was the type of Superintendent that gives a man the Chief of Police job that only has a high school diploma and the board lets her. Whose going to just hire anyone next? This is why the district is a hot mess!

Anonymous said...

Process is important.
As an example one can point to Duquesne University's process of choosing it's next President and in the end choosing one of its own. (Today's PG)

"Duquesne board chair woman said a national search for a new leader was conducted and it produced a "significant pool" of candidates that was narrowed twice. There were three finalists and Mr. Gormley's "skills and attributes" made him top choice."

Anonymous said...

Who is the educator reporter for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. so I can mail her my letter?

Anonymous said...

Mary or 412 263 1590