Monday, November 9, 2015

Teachers Matter Week

Anonymous wrote:

"New Post

From PPS website:

"PPS is celebrating Teachers Matter Week from November 9-14, 2015! This is a week we can all celebrate the valuable contributions PPS teachers make to students and the broader Pittsburgh community. If you’d like to get involved by recognizing a PPS teacher, you can write a personal note by November 2 and it will be delivered during Teachers Matter Week."

November 2nd is gone, but maybe there can be a thread on the Pure blog for the week."


Anonymous said...

My kid graduated in 2010. I plan to ask her who she would like to thank now that her college years are over and I will get back to this post.

Anonymous said...

Carrick Teachers---- Renner, Crano, Lake, Moss----Thank you!!!

Pgh teacher said...

And thank you, Nov. 9 at 5:52. It's nice to see that someone cares enough to post something nice about Pittsburgh teachers. Again, thank you.