Sunday, January 10, 2016

Which one of these school districts reminds you of Pittsburgh?

NYT article comparing the progress of two school districts in NJ since 2010, one that is succeeding and one that is not:

"Newark's big mistake was not so much that the school officials empbraced one solution or another but that they placed their faith in the idea of disruptive change and charismatic leaders.  Union City adopted the opposite approach, embracing the idea of gradual change and working within existing structures."

"How to fix the country's failing schools.  And how not to."


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Anonymous said...

Roosevelt did suffer from being overly optimistic, but our school board members serving at that time who did not question and reign him in when needed bear fault also. He had too many cheerleaders and those who were his biggest supporters failed our kids.

Anonymous said...

Focus on how students learn, what it takes for teachers to teach effectively, engage parents, have veteran teachers mentor newbies, and hire your top District official from WITHIN the district - all Union City strategies that Pittsburgh Public needs to consider so it doesn't resemble Newark!