Thursday, June 2, 2016

Gates Foundation struggles to get it right

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Gates Foundation Failures: "


Anonymous said...

This is a powerful article that Central Admin needs to read, evaluate and make some bold decisions regarding Pittsburgh Public being tethered to Gates monies and policies. Good heavens, all the approaches mentioned in this article that failed were all implemented in this District! It's time to cut the cord, take off the diapers, bypass the training pants and let the true educators run this

Let's go from relying on Gates money to being awarded grant money - so many ways to fund school programs. We can do this!!!

Anonymous said...

Good point 5:32 pm PPS they like seeing failure believing in failure and always buy 💲💲💲💲into failure now it's time to change failure and turn to success for the sake of students of PPS means Gates money not the way to go they believe in Common Core instead it cause a
Common Disater for PPS

Anonymous said...

is it fair to say that the value of the education your kid gets is largely contingent on the quality of the trend of the moment? Sheeesh.

I don't think Gates money is a concern here since hasn't it pretty much been used up? We need to worry now about sustaining or abandoning the programs that were funded by the grants.

Anonymous said...

Common Core isn't the cause for all these problems. PPS has always followed PA state standards for what students should be able to know and learn by specific grade levels, long before Gates/Broad/Roosevelt. Common Core just had to be adjusted to fit the existing PA framework.
These problems are brought on by the decisions (concerning students and teachers and school buildings, etc) that are being influenced and controlled by people who are not educators but businessmen. We need decision makers who know how the educational system functions and who know our students!

InfoWar1999 said...

Liberals, their programs never "fail", they just feel they need to "do more of it". And,those good people that subscribe to liberal/leftist ideas are being duped by techno-cratic elitists like Gates. So-called "right-wingers" are playing the game also. The whole dem. vs. rep. is a sham, a duopoly that doesnt care about the "average" people. The more we fight amongst ourselves (race, religion, culture, sexuality, etc.) the more we play into the controlling hands of gates, buffet, soros, etc. Remember, we "regular" people are too stupid to know what's best for our kids....