Thursday, June 16, 2016

Petition in support of Dr. Hamlet

Anonymous wrote:

"Hey!! There is a petition to keep Hamlet!! Here is the link

PLEASE everyone who supports him please sign and get your friends and family to sign. Let's crush the petition that one of the 4 foundation jokers started!!!! "

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Questioner said...

The intro to the petition reads,

"Dr. Anthony Hamlet has been vetted, selected and invited. The media, yet again, is not only attempting to discredit and malign a very capable African American male, they are also trying to usurp the power of our capable and elected school board. From the very beginning the process with which the Board used to select the Superintendent was scrutinized and challenged. Because of the works of one over-zealous and far reaching reporter we are here. Shame on Pittsburgh. We want the Board to quiet the voice of the community by allowing Dr. Hamlet to get to work and do many of the great things here that his proven track records shows he did in Florida."