Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gym time

In today's PG Letters to the Editor, a writer indicates that most CAPA 9th graders have not had gym all year. Unfortunately the letter does not explain why that is the case- are there temporary or permanent facilities issues, or a decision to eliminate gym for certain grades? Aren't there state and district requirements for gym class? sixth letter.


fixit said...

CAPA usually has a parent at the Excellence for All Parent Steering Committee meetings and this is a question to be asked there. Has this come up at the PSCC? I am sure the answer is related to the work going on for the new grades but I am surprised CAPA is getting away with it. A brisk walk to the point and back could count as gym, right? Perhaps the talented students could sing along the way and be a positive force raising spirits as they march.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The work for the new grades does not make for an impact upon gym. No way. The didn't do any construction at all until after the first of the year even.

This is a question for the principal. Hint: She has been hostile to sports. Hint2: She will not be the principal next year.

A brisk walk could count as gym just as long as a trip to the library counted as English.

Anonymous said...

When Sarah Martin, the supervisor of health and physical education "retired" two years ago, she was not replaced. The hand writing was on the wall then. PPS will slim health and PE down to the bare minimum eventually to cut teachers and save money. Do you think they actually pay attention to research that validates more physical activity?

When the swim matrons were eliminated this year, that basically killed the swim program. What is next? Maybe recess for all grade levels will suffice to meet state minimum standards.

Questioner said...

We need accountability on many measures, not just reading and math scores. If the goal is "Excellence," meeting minimum state standards would not seem to be sufficient.

Ideally, there would be standards across the board that take into account public input, and the "strategic plan" would be an internal document aimed at meeting those standards.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like we are sliding toward "Mediocrity for All."